How to Know if Someone Needs Help with their Depression

Depression is anything but uncommon.  Almost the every adult member of our population has experienced a number of isolated bouts of depression throughout their lives.  These episodes generally feature a lack of energy, a bad mood or an unwillingness to get out of bed in the morning.  They come, they go – and people move on.   But to a smaller percentage of individuals, depression is not something that simply comes and goes.  Sufferers of chronic depression may feel as if their “funk” will never end – and can see their life suffer greatly as a result.

But how does someone know if a loved has clinical depression or chronic depression?  The following signs and symptoms can help individuals determine if they or someone they know may need a depression treatment program.

Signs and Symptoms an Individual Needs Depression Help

The following are some of the most prominent signs that an individual needs help with their depression:

  • Waking up in the morning already feeling tired and exhausted
  • Is unable to sleep through the night
  • A lack of interest in activities that were once considered pleasurable
  • Has frequent nightmares throughout the night
  • Unable to concentrate on work or school
  • Gets upset often for no apparent reason
  • Long bouts of sadness or irritability

As noted above, many individuals will exhibit these symptoms of depression from time to time.  It is those individuals who suffer one or more of the symptoms above for a period of two weeks or longer without interruption.  Also, medical and psychiatric professional consider that either a depressed mood or a lack of interest in activities that they once enjoyed should be present in order to diagnose the individual as having clinical depression.

The Importance of Depression Help

Individuals who suffer from chronic depression will begin to withdraw from family and friends – putting a tremendous strain on personal relationships.  In addition, clinical depression can also lead to alcohol or drug addiction.  Drug treatment programs are not always equipped to handle those individuals who suffer from co-occurring addiction and depression (also known as “dual diagnosis”) as one condition tends to aggravate the other.   These are high-risk individuals who need specialized care and treatment.

How is Depression Treated?

Many individuals will use anti-depressants as a means of treating their depression.  This approach, however, only addresses the symptoms of depression – and does not treat the problem at the source.  In order to get to the heart of the problem, counseling at a depression treatment center is required.  In these programs, counselors and therapists work closely with the patient to help them discover the root cause of their condition and discover life strategies that will help them move forward with a new perspective and an improved outlook. 

Moonview Sanctuary offers depression treatment through its Overcoming Personal Crisis program.  The program is unique in that it combines elements of modern neuroscience and holistic care to help treat the problem of depression at the core.  For more information, contact Moonview Sanctuary today.




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