Crisis Treatment for Couples

What is crisis treatment for couples?

There are a number of reasons that individuals may need to enroll in crisis treatment for couples.   Crisis treatment counseling may be required to address a situation outside of the relationship, or it may be that the relationship itself is in trouble, and needs the assistance of a counselor to help solve problems and re-open the lines of communication.

Events that require crisis treatment for couples

Infidelity Counseling

When an individual cheats on the other member of a couple, it can cause high levels of stress within the relationship, and even lead to the dissolution of the union.  The couples who make it through infidelity are the ones who are committed to maintaining the relationship, and more than likely, have entered into some form of crisis treatment.  These programs help address the anger and mistrust that infidelity has brought into the relationship – and teaches both parties how to move forward in a productive way.  In the event that the relationship cannot be salvaged, divorce counseling becomes an option at this point.

Coping with Terminal illness

When one of the members of a couple has a serious terminal illness, or a family member with a terminal illness, crisis treatment can help couples cope with the gravity of the situation on two different levels.  One, the individual who has been diagnosed with the terminal illness can get help with regards to coping with the situation, and valuable strategies for living as healthy a life as possible, both mentally and physically.  The other member of the relationship can gain a better understanding of how to act in a manner that is most productive for the stricken individual’s well being.  Understandably, many people do not know how to act around a loved one when they are sick.  Crisis treatment programs help show them the way.

Loss of a child

When a couple loses a child as a result of illness, accident or miscarriage, it can be a devastating blow to their relationship.  Crisis treatment for couples helps individual cope with the loss of a child, provding strategies for how to get through each day.  Coping with the loss of a child is a delicate process that involves putting the incident in the past while concurrently facing issues and feelings head on so that they are not repressed – and therefore able to cause additional psychological harm later in life.

Midlife crisis

When one member of a relationship experiences a midlife crisis, it can have ill effects on their spouse or significant other.  Crisis treatment for couples helps those who are under strain because the person they are closest to is undergoing such a radical change.  Midlife crises are not harmless forays into one’s youth.  They can lead to adultery, financial problems, uncertainty about the future and other serious issues.

Moonview Sanctuary is home to several outstanding Overcoming Personal Crisis programs including effective counseling for couples.  These programs help couples communicate more effectively with one another and do and say the things necessary to maintain the long-term health of the relationship.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary in Santa Monica, California for more information.





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