Getting Support for Chronic Depression

Individuals who suffer from chronic depression need all kinds of support to help them cope with (and eventually overcome) this debilitating condition.  The challenging thing about depression is that it tends to isolate people – both emotionally and physically – which means helping those who need it most can be difficult.

However, there are places those with chronic depression can turn to for support.  Be it family members or professional treatment programs, it is important for the individual with depression to know about their depression help and support options.

Support for Depression from Friends and Family

Sometimes, the best support comes from the most obvious places.  Friends and family can provide an outstanding support structure for individuals with depression.    Most individuals with chronic depression are, at first, afraid or unwilling to reach out and ask for help.  But patient family members can make a world of difference.  They do not need to be experts in the field of clinical depression to make a difference – all that is required is an understanding of the symptoms of depression, patience, and the ability to let that person know that they are loved.

Professional Support for Depression

Individuals who are unable to overcome their depression on their own or with the help of friends and family are urged to seek professional help.  Depression treatment centers can help individuals who are unable to pull themselves out of their funk – and are seeing their life fall apart as a result.

Among the many issues addresses in professional depression therapy are:

  • The roots causes of depression.  Individuals who enter into depression treatment are getting more than just a “band-aid” on their problem.  Therapists and counselors address specific issues from the life and background of an individual to help them identify “triggers” for the depression.
  • Strategies for coping with depression.  The battle against depression is a day-to-day affair.  Depression treatment professionals help develop provide daily strategies to help individuals cope more effectively with their condition – all the while moving closer and closer to a day where depression no longer dominates that person’s life.
  • Treating peripheral issues.  Many individuals develop drug or alcohol abuse issues as a result of their depression.  Others may suffer at work or at school – or find that their marriages are struggling as a result of their condition.  Professional depression treatment can help address all these issues that arise as a result of depression – and could become more dangerous that the original condition itself.


In addition to depression counseling, there are also a number of medicinal treatments for depression.  Anti-depressant pharmaceuticals have become popular in many circles but still carry an inherent risk of addiction or side effects.   What’s more, these medications only treatment the symptoms of depression – and not the root causes of the condition.  For truly comprehensive treatment, the individual is advised to only engage in the use of anti-depressants when also going through counseling or therapy as well.


The Overcoming Personal Crisis program at Moonview Sanctuary understands the unique treatment needs of individuals suffering from chronic depression.  Through a comprehensive program that includes individualized counseling, neuroscientific assessments and holistic care, the skilled professionals at Moonview are able to help individuals overcome this potentially serious condition at its core.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary is Santa Monica, California today for more information.




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