Childhood trauma treatment - Common forms of trauma

Negative life events that occur during childhood can not only affect the early life of the individual, but often times, carry on into adulthood. In fact, if the issue was never addressed professionally, those individuals who experienced a childhood trauma are likely to still be “fighting their demons” even though the event in question may have occurred decades ago.

Many individuals never speak openly about their childhood trauma. As such, the problem festers in private – and there is no opportunity for proper healing. Sometimes, there is a strong desire within the individual to communicate with others about what happened, but they believe that nobody will understand what they have gone through, and continue to experience. For this reason, childhood trauma can be the driving force behind any number of adult mental illness conditions and it's not uncommon for the victim to exhibit depression symptoms among other things.

But what types of event constitute childhood trauma? Although the answer to that question could be anything that has a profoundly negative impact on the child, there are several experiences which are seen time and again by psychologist who specialize in the field. By forming a better understanding of these traumas, an individual can begin to understand

Common types of childhood trauma

• Sexual abuse or physical abuse – statistics have shown that these most commonly come at the hands of a family member.

• Surviving a disaster – such as earthquake, flood, tornado or manmade calamities such as war or slavery

• Witnessing a serious crime – including murder and other violent crimes

• Incest

• House fire

• Spousal abuse between parents – witnessing parents engaged in physical violence can be as traumatic as being abused

• Hostage situation

• Rape

The effects of childhood trauma

Any of the aforementioned events can have long-lasting effects upon the individual. Childhood trauma can stunt proper development when a child is young, which can lead to any number of adult problems, including mental illness, feelings of anxiety, and drug or alcohol addiction.

Some studies have even gone so far as to suggest a link between childhood trauma and physical disorders in adults. A recent study at Columbia University found that those individuals who had been sexually or physically abused as a child were more likely to have certain physical illnesses as adults, including: lung disease, heart disease, cardiac arrest and arthritis.

Getting help for those who experienced childhood trauma
The individual who has experienced any of the events above may still be dealing with the pain it caused. The inability to move past the event, even in adulthood, keeps individuals from enjoying a healthy and productive life, and may be the root cause of mental and physical illnesses. It is therefore imperative, that those who are living wound get proper professional help – so that they can heal properly.

Moonview Sanctuary is a safe place wich offers holistic rehab, where individuals who have experienced childhood trauma can achieve recovery, and find true balance in their lives. The outpatient services offered in Moonview’s Overcoming Personal Crisis program are focused on helping the individual cope with their issues, heal their wounds and find spiritual balance in their lives. Contact Moonview Sanctuary in Santa Monica, California today for more information.




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