What is Childhood Trauma Counseling?

Childhood trauma treatment involves using counseling and psychotherapy to help individuals overcome the mental issues associated with painful events from their childhood.

What are the most common childhood traumas that require treatment?

Traumatic events can be anything that an individual experienced as a child and is still feeling the effects of today.   Common childhood traumas include:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Witness either sexual abuse or physical abuse
  • Experiencing war, hurricanes, floods or earthquake
  • Being held hostage

According to studies of those enrolled in post traumatic stress disorder treatment programs, one common thread that runs through most childhood traumas is that they are almost all inflicted by another human being (with the exception of the natural disasters) and likely came about suddenly and without any warning.

What are the symptoms of childhood trauma?

An individual who is still suffering the ill-effects of childhood trauma often have trouble maintaining a job or a healthy relationship.  These individuals keep a great deal of pain inside them, and as a result are likely to lash out at other with little or no provocation.   Other symptoms include:

  • Constant anxiety and fear
  • Sleeplessness, and sleep filled with nightmares pertaining to the event
  • Avoidance of all things even vaguely related to the childhood trauma

Also, adults who have experienced childhood traumas (and not received counseling for the problem) are more likely to be emotionally detached from other people – finding it difficult to make friends or be comfortable in social situations.

What happens during childhood trauma counseling?

There are a variety of counseling styles with regards to childhood trauma, but they almost exclusively revolve around addressing the traumatic event from childhood and giving the individual a chance to open up and talk about the event.

One of the primary causes of depression and anxiety in those who suffered a childhood trauma is the fact that they have carried around their stress and negative emotion inside them for so many years.  Providing a “safe place” for discussion is the first step, and often improves many related conditions almost immediately.

From there, the childhood trauma counseling program will engage the individual in counseling (both individual and group), psychoanalysis or drug addictiontreatment depending on the modalities favored by that particular facility.

In sum, childhood trauma treatment may have begun as a result of a negative physical event, but overcoming the illnesses associated with it must take place in the mind – overcoming fears and anxieties while facing them head on and demystifying their effects on the individual.

Moonview Sanctuary helps those individuals who have suffered from a childhood trauma finally move forward with their lives.  At Moonview, caring professionals work closely with patients to determine the root causes for the depression, anxiety and other issues that are holding them back, and help find real solutions that impact their lives almost immediately.  For more information about their Overcoming Personal Crisis program, contact Moonview Sanctuary today.




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