8 signs you may need career burnout treatment

Hard-working individuals tend to put all their energy and focus into their career. They achieve great things from a business perspective, but it often comes at a great psychological cost. Career burnout effects not only work performance, but an individual’s health and well-being as well.

Understanding the signs of career burnout can help the individual recognize that there is a problem, and seek personal crisis counselling. Career burnout can be remedied - and a return to workplace fulfillment and good health achieved.

Eight signs of career burnout

1. Low motivation. Individuals who once looked forward to coming to work every day, and tackling projects large and small, will now find themselves struggling to complete even the simplest of tasks. Motivation problems are characterized by the inability to meet goals or deadlines, as well as not caring about the results or consequences of such failures.

2. Depression. One of the most common symptoms of career burnout, depression can be exhibited on the job and at home. The inability to snap out of a funk for long stretches of time is what differentiates this type of depression from just “having a bad day”.

3. Fatigue. Career burnout can cause a profound lack of energy. The individual may not want to get out of bed in the morning, or find themselves so tired during the course of the day that they start going home early or simply being to nod off at their desk.

4. Low productivity. When an individual suffers from career burnout, it shows in their work performance. People who were once highly productive members of the team will no longer pull their weight, and start to fall behind in their tasks.

5. Anger in the workplace. Sometimes burnout manifests itself in the form of anger. Those who are suffering from career burnout may snap at co-workers or act out in inappropriate ways while on the job.

6. Feelings of boredom. While many individuals sometimes feel bored while on the job, those with career burnout experience more persistent feelings of boredom. The feeling becomes like a funk that the individual is unable to shake themselves out of.

7. Sleeplessness. When an individual is overworked, they can become over-tired. At this point, the basic sleep patterns that were once taken for granted begin to suffer. Also, anxiety over returning to work has been known to keep individuals from getting a proper night’s sleep.

8. Drug or alcohol abuse. Sadly, when many people become dissatisfied at work, they turn to drugs or alcohol as a means of escape. Even the highest ranking executives can fall into this self-destructive trap, which often leads to addiction and the need for drug rehab.

Moonview Sanctuary offers a fresh start for those suffering from career burnout. Through a program that focuses on stress reduction and spiritual healing, Moonview can rejuvenate the individual, and help them restore the joy and fulfillment that they once associated with their chosen career. Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information about their outpatient, Overcoming Personal Crisis programs.




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