Who needs California Compassion Fatigue Treatment?

Throughout the state of California, individuals are under a tremendous amount of stress these days.  Wildfires, political turmoil and even declining home values have led many people to sink into a state of depression and anxiety.  But there are some unlikely individuals who are feeling this pain as well.  They are California’s caregivers and public safety professionals – and they are developing compassion fatigue in record numbers.

Before examining who needs California compassion fatigue treatment, it is important to know a little more about the condition.

What is Compassion Fatigue?

Compassion fatigue is the condition experienced when individuals who are under high-levels of stress because of their job, begin to see their compassion erode towards the very people they are responsible for helping.  This impedes their ability to perform their job effectively and can also lead to problems at home.

What are the Symptoms of Compassion Fatigue?

Individuals who experience compassion fatigue become depressed and anxious.  They may also be more prone to rage – lashing out at their clients, co-workers and family without warning.  Job performance almost always suffers as a result of compassion fatigue – as the individual shows little or no enthusiasm for performing their assigned task at a high level.    Some individuals may become involved with substance abuse or develop an alcohol addiction or a drug addiction as a result of their condition.

Who Needs California Compassion Fatigue Treatment?

The following Californians are at the highest risk for compassion fatigue, and should watch closely for the signs and symptoms of the condition.

  • California Firefighters.    Firefighting is by nature a stressful occupation.  Being called, day after day, to rescue fellow citizens is rewarding, but can also cause one to develop anxiety and fatigue – as well as a bleak world view very quickly.
  • Los Angeles Police Officers.  Working in some of the most crime-ridden neighborhoods in the country, LAPD officers have a unique chance to make a real difference in the world.  Unfortunately, the constant danger, often brought on by the very people they are trying to help, can lead many to develop compassion fatigue.
  • California Attorneys.  As strange as it may sound, attorneys are in one of the highest risk professions for compassion fatigue.   Those attorneys who predominantly work with defendants, victims of violence or abuse, criminals or low-income individuals are more likely to develop compassion fatigue than “white collar” lawyers.
  • California Emergency Room Workers.  Nurses and doctors who work in high-traffic emergency rooms are very susceptible to compassion fatigue.  The sheer volume of cases that these individuals see during their shift is enough to cause great anxiety and despair.  In fact, many experts compare the work being done in tough areas of Southern California and other parts of the state to that experienced by medical professionals during wartime.

Moonview Sanctuary offers California compassion fatigue treatment for professionals who want to regain their passion about work and life.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today and ask for more information about their Overcoming Personal Crisis program.





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