10 tips for knowing when anger management treatment is needed

Do you or someone you love need anger management treatment?  Review the following signs and symptoms of an anger problem to see for yourself.

  1. Little things set you off.  Everyone experiences little inconveniences and problems throughout the day, but when people who cut you off in traffic, or bring 11 items into the 10 items or less lane at the grocery make you feel deeply enraged, it is time to consider anger management treatment.

  2. You experience depression.   Symptoms of depression are often experiences by those with anger management issues.  After the individual has experienced an outburst, there are often feelings of shame and embarrassment, which are closely related to depression.

  3. You have high-blood pressure.  Anger means stress, and stress can lead to any number of serious health problems including high blood pressure.  If you are having trouble managing your anger, be sure and have your blood pressure checked regularly.

  4. You have lost the ability to engage in a friendly debate.   Individuals who need anger management treatment are unable to hold a conversation in which there is a “point-counterpoint” dialogue without becoming enraged.  Those individuals who are lucky enough to be able to control their anger can talk with another person whose viewpoint differs from their own.  They may even be able to “agree to disagree” and then move on.  But those who cannot control their anger may become so incensed at the situation that they storm off, or in a worst case scenario, resort to physical violence.

  5. Your turn to violence to solve problems.  Individuals who need help with their anger management use their fists instead of their word in order to settle disputes.

  6. You have lost a job because of your anger.  Violence or angry outbursts in the workplace almost always lead to termination of employment.  If you have ever lost a job because of inappropriate behavior related to anger, contact an anger management treatment center immediately.

  7. You have lost a relationship because of your anger.  Anger management problems don’t just make you a liability at work, but in your personal relationships as well.  Individuals who can’t control their anger are likely to strike their significant others, and may even put their children at risk as well.

  8. You can see it in your body language.  Many individuals with anger management issues don’t even realize that they have a problem…until they look in the mirror and see some of the physical attributes that they take on when angered, including:  bulging eyes, bulging veins, red-face and a higher-than-normal pitched voice.

  9. You carry a victim’s mentality.    Many people with anger management issues always feel if they have been the one wronged.  There is always an excuse for their behavior…and it is rarely because they are the ones with the problem (it’s always the “other guy”)

  10. You feel as if “everyone else” is dumb.  Commonly, those with trouble controlling their anger feel as if nobody else is as smart as they are.  This world-wide lack of intelligence leads to frustration throughout the day, which brings out the uncontrollable anger from within the individual.

Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information about their Overcoming Personal Crisis program.  The facility, located in the heart of Santa Monica, California is home to some of the finest anger management experts in the country.  These highly qualified individuals know all the most effective methods for helping individuals control their anger and lead happier, more fulfilling lives.




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