How Workplace Anger Management Therapy Works

When an individual has anger management issues on the job, the results can put profits and the safety of everyone in the office at risk. In order to combat the problem of anger in the workplace, many businesses have made anger management therapy programs available to employees.

Workplace Anger Management Warning Signs

So how can an employer know if one of her employees is a candidate for anger management therapy?  And more importantly, how does one identify signs of trouble before conflict occurs?  Some of the tell-tale signs that an individual may have anger issues, include:

  • Argumentative behavior
  • Trouble with stress management issues
  • Is short tempered with coworkers
  • Unfriendly behavior, isolates his or herself from coworkers
  • Mood swings from one day to the next

If an employee or coworker exhibits any of these, or related signs, contact the companies HR department, or a workplace anger management therapy program immediately.

Getting to the Root of the Anger Problem

One of the first things anger management treatment counselors will do when entering the workplace is assess the current situation and try to determine the root of the problem.  By meeting privately with the individual in question, the counselor can begin to see what has caused the anger.  Then, the counselor might meet with co-workers to get a better impression of how the actions of the individual are affecting the team as a whole.

Solving the Workplace Anger Management Problem

Workplace anger management therapists are able to diffuse potential conflicts because they understand the triggers and root causes behind the unwanted behavior – and know how to help individual find more productive ways to cope with the anger.

For example, a counselor or therapist may engage in role-playing with the individual – supplying suggestions for how to respond in various real-world situations.  The idea is to get the individual with the anger problem to begin seeing things from a different perspective.

There is nothing “clinical” or intimidating about the work these counselors perform at the workplace.  Instead, everything is dealt with in an upbeat, “blame-free” environment so that nobody feels confronted or threatened.

Why is Workplace Anger Management Therapy so Important?

When a coworker has trouble controlling their anger in the workplace, it can be more than just an annoyance.  Every year, individuals injure their co-workers (or worse) in office disputes that could have been avoided if one of the parties had attended anger management therapy.  In addition, when people are uncomfortable around one of their co-workers, it lowers productivity and eventually begins to eat away at the company’s bottom line.

Moonview Sanctuary offers workplace anger management counseling through its nationally known through its Overcoming Personal Crisis programs.  The expert therapists and counselors at Moonview can help make any work environment safer and more productive.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.




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