Training Women to be Stronger Executives

Now that women have shattered many of the “glass ceilings” that kept them confined within the business world for decades, there are more female executives and CEOs than once would Gloria Steven thought possible.   Training women to be stronger executives however, still remains a priority and is the focus of many of the nation’s leading peak performance training programs.

Statistics about Women Executives

Women have made great inroads in recent years within the “boys club” of the corporate world.  There is still, however more work to be done, as these facts and statistics will illustrate:

  • Only 7 of the Fortune 500 companies currently have a woman as their C.E.O.
  • Only 1% of the world’s assets are currently in the name of women
  • 3 out of 4 women who indicated a preference in the matter said that they would rather work for a man than a woman
  • Women make over 75% of all healthcare decisions for their families and companies, yet almost 40% of all major health industry companies have no women on their corporate board of executives.

How to Train Women to become Stronger Executives

  • Helping them find a proper balance between work and family.  Women in the executive world face an unfair level of expectation regarding their choices about work and family.   Helping women find a good balance between career and family will make her more fulfilled with each.
  • Provide the same training opportunities as those offered to male executives.  If women are going to become stronger, more successful executives they will need access to all the tools and training the company can provide.  Given a level playing field, the gender gap between the sexes will begin to decrease dramatically.
  • Teach the same techniques that are used for male executives.  This is a very important point.  While there are certain elements of executive training that provide extra benefit for women, the bulk of the program should be the same for both sexes.   To do anything differently would be to further separate the genders and bring about potential issues of discrimination in the workplace.
  • Find strength in a network.  Women can benefit immensely from forming a network of like-minded individuals.  Rather than working against one another, a network of women executives can provide support, information and contacts to help individuals as they strive to become stronger executives.
  • Watch what works.   Women (and men) can benefit by modeling their behavior after other successful individuals.  By watching the habits and practices of women executives who have made it the top while enjoying a fulfilling life, the rising star can begin to put together her own set of good work habits.

At the Optimal Peak Performance program at Moonview Sanctuary, male and female executives can learn how to achieve peak performance – and move up the corporate ladder without sacrificing their spirit or well-being.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.




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