Athletic Excellence Coaching for Teens

Coaches and parents who work with teens and sports walk a fine line.  They want these kids to excel at their chosen sports or activities, but not at the expense of their mental or physical health.  Athletic excellence coaching programs for teens help young people strike a proper balance in their lives by stressing the importance of commitment and dedication in sports, while also teaching them important lessons which can be applied to almost every aspect of their lives.

Important elements of athletic coaching for teens

Athletic excellence coaching for teens strikes a balance between hard work and overwork.  Here are some of the key lessons found in most successful programs:

  • Practice makes perfect – Athletics provide an outstanding opportunity to instill good habits and self-discipline into a young person.  Athletic excellence coaching stresses practice and repetition as a mean of improving performance and obtaining life skills.
  • Visualize success - Athletic excellence coaching techniques include visualizing success before entering into any endeavor.   When coaching young people, this methodology can include showing them video of top athletes and athletics performances and encouraging them to study what made these individuals successful.
  • Know the goals – Every athlete who enjoys success in sports has a specific set of goals in mind every time they walk on to the field.  Teaching teens about athletic excellence means explaining that the nature of these goals can be short term (beat a record time in a swimming event) or long term (make it to the Olympic trials by the age of 21) but keeping them at the forefront of one’s mind is a crucial element in achieving success.
  • Shutting out distractions – Those athletes who learn, at a young age, to filter out distractions while on the field tend to enjoy more success in the long run.  Teens face a variety of unique distractions in their lives including school, family and peer pressure.  By learning to focus more intently on sports, athletic excellence coaching is teaching these kids to put their whole lives in better perspective.
  • Understanding that everyone has shortcomings – Every young athlete wants a perfect performance each time they step onto the field.  But the reality is that even Tiger Woods has an off day.  Instead of allowing kids to get down on themselves because of “off nights”, athletic excellence coaching helps them examine then weaknesses, and learn how to turn them into strengths.  In addition, coaching can help young people make these adjustments in the heat of competition, making them more adaptable to new situations and unexpected occurrences throughout life.

The Optimal Performance program at Moonview Sanctuary offers young athletes a training program that helps achieve peak performance.  By enhancing the body, mind and spirit, Moonview helps teen athletes achieve greater focus, better balance and greater discipline.  Parents of those athletes who are seeking greater consistency in their game, plus other ways to reach the next level, are urged to contact Moonview Sanctuary today.





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