Winning with Sports Neurofeedback Training

Neurofeedback is about identifying specific aspects of the brain’s functioning, isolating them and then using that information to help change behaviors in order to address shortcomings or enhance performance.    It is a growing science that has shown measurable results over the past several years – leading to a growing popularity in the United States and abroad.

Nowhere is neurofeedback growing faster than in the world of sports.    The success or failure of an athlete depends upon the slightest difference of outcomes.  What happens in the fraction of a second can mean victory or defeat.  Imagine if there was a way to identify the areas of an athlete's brain that are responsible for decision making in these split seconds.  To train the brain to react a certain way and in certain situations would certainly lead to peak performance at both the professional and amateur levels.

To track activity in the brain, mental training professionals will show athletes video of their performances.   When certain key events appear on screen, such as a missed kick or a home run, the electrodes attached to the individual track responses.  The training team will then use these responses to map the athlete’s brain waves in order to determine which parts of the brain control certain emotions and reactions.

How is neurofeedback being used in sports training?

Relaxation.   Training programs will use neurofeedback to isolate the areas of the brain which control relaxation and help the athlete gain more comfort in high pressure situations.  If executed properly, this would completely remove the element of “choking” from an athlete’s game.

Focus.  Neurofeedback training helps the athlete shut out distractions and activate only those parts of the brain that pertain to performance.    By using neurofeedback, the athlete is able to “turn on and off the correct switches” and eliminate the “white noise” such as crowds, stress or personal issues that can impede performance.

Agility and Timing.  Neurofeedback training has been a huge boon in sports such as golf and baseball that require split-second timing in order to achieve success.  Again, the mapping of an athlete’s brain allows the experts at a sports mental training facility to pinpoint the areas that control the swing of the club or the bat – and enhance that area of performance considerably.  These allows the athlete use their talents more effectively and perform better on the field.


Who Can Win with Sports Neurofeedback Training?

Neurofeedback can be used to enhance performance for athletes from almost every sport.  Currently several professional sports franchises employ mental training experts to help their players gain an added advantage.  The procedure is also idea for younger athletes who are just starting to excel in their sport.  Neurofeedback can help guide these athletes in the right direction – helping to reinforce good work habits and practice regimens.

The Optimal Performance program at Moonview Sanctuary works with amateur and professional athletes – using cutting-edge brain mapping and training techniques to help them achieve peak performance.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.




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