Winning with Sports Mental Training

Everyone knows the stories about great athletes who reached new heights because they trained hard in the gym and practiced their craft every day – rain or shine.   But what about the long hours spent building up the mind of the athlete so that it too was is prime condition when the opening bell sounded?  Sports mental training is the unsung hero of athletic excellence programs, but it still provides the winning edge for millions of athletes around the world.

What is Sports Mental Training?

Sports mental training is any organized program that attempts to enhance physical performance of an athlete through psychological or motivational techniques.  For example, lifting weights is NOT sports mental training, but counseling to help a weightlifter overcome their fear of dropping the barbells IS sports mental training.

How do Athletes Win with Sports Mental Training?

There are many different aspects to sports mental training, each of which help the athlete achieve success in its own way.  The mental peak performance training programs that work best depend on the individual, their particular strengths and weaknesses – and most importantly, their end-goals.

  • Helping athletes focus.  When an athlete is distracted by things going on in their lives, or even in the stands, it can throw their game off considerably.  Sports mental training provides athletes with methods for achieve singular focus – so that the game is the ONLY thing on their mind when they are inside the lines.
  • Helping athletes outwit their opponents.  If two athletes of equal physical skills and strength meet on the field of play, who will win?  Most likely it is the one whose mind is stronger than their competitor.  Sports mental training can help athletes understand the psychology of their opponents, so that they can anticipate their next move and act accordingly.  This is especially valuable with aging athletes who must rely on the “mental game” when their physical skills begin to fade.
  • Helping athletes pinpoint problem areas.  Sports mental training programs can also utilize the latest in neurofeedback technology to enhance performance.  In these programs, the athlete’s brain is “mapped” and studied to identify which mental functions are operating at their peaks and which need help.
  • Helping maintain discipline.  Counseling may also play a role in mental sports performance programs.  In these situations, counselors use mental training exercises to help athletes stay focused on their training regimen, or help them overcome certain triggers that keep them from applying themselves fully.

Moonview Sanctuary’s Optimal Performance program offers sports mental training that give athletes an extra edge.   Professional and amateur athletes comes from all across Southern California to take part in these amazing programs that provide better brain functioning and enhanced focus.  Contac t Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.




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