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What separates the countless good or above average professional athletes from the truly great is not always pure athletic ability. Often, reaching peak performance on the field of play comes down to how well an individual is able to focus once he or she is on the playing field. The athletes below have all reached the pinnacle of their chosen sport by their incredible work ethic and ability to focus on the task at hand. They stand as shining examples of the role the mind can play in a world where one is measured by physical accomplishments.

Michael Jordan
While Michael Jordan was certainly blessed with some of the greatest physical talent to ever walk onto the hardwood, his greatness came from what he did with those tremendous tools. Once a player who got all his points by driving, kamikaze-style into the lane, Jordan soon realized that this was causing his body to get beat up on a nightly basis. He then turned his attention to developing an outside shot – where endless hours of practice and dedication would turn him into one the most accurate and reliable jump shooters the game has ever known. The ability to reinvent his game was possible only because of Jordan’s singular focus to win at the highest levels possible.

Tiger Woods
In a sport where mental toughness reigns supreme, there is no one whose mind is in better condition than Tiger Woods. Tiger wins a lot of tournaments. That’s a given. But what really sets him apart is the fact that he rarely loses when leading after 3 of the 4 rounds. Think about how easy it is to get the “yips” and start missing putts or shanking drives when everything is on the line and you’ll start to understand why Woods is considered the greatest of all time. He dials into the task at hand and rarely lets anything derail him from it.

Ted Williams
It was said “Teddy Ballgame” saw the game at a different speed than every other player on the field. In fact, Williams often admitted that when he was dialed into a pitch, the world appeared to move in slow motion as he readied himself to make contact with the ball. In reality though, Ted Williams had the ability to shut out everything going on around him and make the whole game boil down to that moment in time after the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand and before it reaches his bat. The results were glorious to watch. Williams was often criticized for not being “fan friendly” or a particularly gregarious teammate. These facts were less an indication of the man’s personality, and more drawn from the fact that he was only there for one reason: to be the best at what he did and achieve sports excellence.

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