Spirituality and a Better Business Environment

While not everyone inside a company is going to share the same religious beliefs, that doesn’t mean that spirituality can’t help the office be a more productive, fulfilling environment.

The following represents important information that any manager or business owner who is thinking about using spirituality to build a better business environment should know.  Remember, peak performance training embodies more than just understating the latest trends and techniques in a given industry – it means building strong relationships with clients and among employees.

Common Misconceptions About Spirituality in the Workplace

Many people immediately associate spirituality with religion – and therefore run away from the subject when it is discussed in the context of the workplace.  However, spirituality is not necessarily about Christianity, Judaism or other major religion.  Instead, spirituality in the workplace should focus more on ethical behavior and maintaining honest, productive relationships between team members.

Maintaining Good Ethics in the Work Environment

One aspect of spirituality in the workplace that goes overlooked far too often is good ethical behavior.  When a company puts forth an ethical code of conduct, and works hard to make sure that everyone on the team follows that code of conduct, they are operating at a higher spiritual level.  It is hard to call a corporate entity “spiritual” if they are cutting corners with their customers or engaging in even the most minor dubious business practices.

Honesty and Spirituality in the Workplace

A part of ethics is honesty – and maintaining honest relationship among co-workers is one of the “pipelines” to a more spiritual workplace.    Employees must know that lying to anyone about anything will not be tolerated.  Even fudging the details about the estimated completion time for a project can undermine the trust among co-workers. 

How Spirituality Helps Businesses Achieve Financial Success

One might ask, “this is all well and good, but what does it really mean to my business?”   Simply put, good ethics mean stronger, longer customer relationships that bring in continued profits over the years.  And when coworkers treat each other honestly and with respect, it creates a positive work environment.  Consequently, when the company has created a sought-after corporate culture, there is less turnover and more advancement from within – both measures that can keep companies in the black for many years to come.

How to Bring These Core Spiritual Values into the Workplace

When introducing these concepts into the workplace, it is important not to be too heavy-handed in the approach.  Many individuals will still recoil somewhat when the term “spiritual” is used by an employer.  Instead, executives and business owners are urged to consider words such “ethics” and “honesty” to reinforce the positive attitude and lines of thinking you need to achieve optimal corporate performance.

The Optimal Performance programs at Moonview Sanctuary are designed to help corporate leaders work spirituality and wellness into the work environment.  Moonview has helped dozens of companies across different industries improve the quality of life in their offices and become more successful while doing it.





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