Professional Development And Making A Great Impression

Whether an individual has been on the job five days or five years, it is always a good idea to take stock of how good an impression they are making on superiors and co-workers. The corporate training of an employee from middle management up to the corner office is paved with an upbeat attitude and the utmost professionalism exhibited at all times.

Individuals who adhere to the rules below generally see their own professional development on the fast track and can achieve optimal performance.

How to make a great impression at work

Be positive
Optimistic people get the job done, get promoted, and are generally just more pleasant to be around. Complaining and negativity are not behaviors that impress upper management. Stay the course, and act like every day is your first day.

Always be on time
In fact, always be early. Being late for meetings or at the start of the work day sends a bad message to co-workers, especially when it comes from an executive who should be setting a good example for the rest of the team.

Dress the part
Always dress professionally and appropriate for the style and tone of your office. While the last ten years have seen a relaxation of more traditional modes of workplace attire, that does not mean that comfort is the top priority.

Be an amazing teammate
Good employees get their work done quietly, quickly and efficiently. GREAT employees step outside their responsibilities to lend a hand with other projects whenever possible. Helt your boss build a strong team. Be there when your boss and co-workers really need you and you will never be forgotten!

Introduce yourself to new employees
Remember your first day of work? The people who took the time to introduce themselves and lend a hand in getting you acclimated to the job were the ones who made the best first impression. Never be too busy to welcome a new teammate to the office.

Always take the initiative
Great employees act instead of react. With tremendous vision and proactive behavior, those who make a solid impression are always looking for new ways to move their company forward. Make suggestions. Look for opportunities to show that you are a big picture thinker, and not someone who is simply satisfied to pick up a check twice a month.

Don’t talk about raises or salary
First off, it is highly taboo to discuss your salary, or anyone else’s in the company. Just let your performance do the talking. Secondly, the best employees are those who let their work to do the talking, and keep their request for a raise or promotion limited to occasional mention during reviews or evaluation meetings.

Be honest
If you make a mistake at work, own up to it immediately! Lying about the error, or worse yet, trying to blame it on a co-worker will only make the situation worse, and label you as a person who can’t be trusted.

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