Top 5 Professional Development Challenges for Women

Although the past several decades have seen women make incredible strides in the workplace, there are still several elements of the business world that keep them from achieving true equality in their chosen fields. The following are five of the most difficult professional development challenges for women, and how each situation came to pass.

#1:  Many industries still maintain a “glass ceiling”

When Hilary Clinton lost to Barack Obama in the Democratic Primary for President, she referenced the existence of the glass ceiling, and that although she was unable to break through it on that evening, her supporters had helped her put “16 million cracks in it.”   The fact is, many industries and companies do not have a culture that permits women to obtain the highest offices.

#2:  Sexism and sexual harassment on the job

In many workplace settings, women still have to endure sexist behavior, and even sexual harassment as part of their environment.  Although most companies have gotten tough regarding these types of actions, they do still exist.  Sexism and sexual harassment do more than put women at physical and psychological risk – they also alter the way women are viewed in the workplace as a whole, and many times keep them from proper career development.

#3:  A lack of positive reinforcement during childhood

One of the reasons why women must work harder than men to achieve great things in the workplace is the fact that they start in a “hole” developmentally from a very early age.  Young girls are given positive reinforcement for social skills and handwriting, but not decision making and aggressiveness.  These are the values instilled in young boys, who then use them to move through bureaucracy and “old boy networks” and into the CEO and senior management positions at many companies.

#4:  Assaulted on all sides for “wanting it all”

Women are being judged in the workplace for their decisions regarding family.  If they forgo having children in the name of their career, they are seen as less of the feminine ideal.  But if women put their careers on hold to raise (or spend more time with) their family, they are judged as unreliable and not truly committed to the company.  It is a lose-lose situation that has been placed unfairly on their collective heads, and has kept them from peak professional development.

#5: Divisiveness within their gender group

With a fewer number of positions open to women in many industries, the competition for those top sots can become fierce.  Many times, women will act in a divisive manner for those executive positions, thus selling short the gender as a whole.  And while this type of behavior has been going on with men for as long as there have jobs, it is still unfairly viewed as a “black mark” against women.

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