Professional athletic training success stories

Many people look at the all-star athletes they see on television and think “Wow, they must be born with a gift.”  And while these superstars are indeed gifted, their success also comes from hard work, practice, or more often than not…the help of a professional coach.

Professional athletic training pairs coaches and trainers with athletes in order help them achieve peak performance.  The follow are several professional athletic training success stories, and how they came to pass.

Great professional athletic training success stories

Tiger Woods – The greatest golfer who has ever lived certainly understands the value of professional athletic training.  First coached by his father Earl, who instilled the concepts of hard work and focus into Tiger, Woods would then go on to work with swing-coach Butch Harmon, who trained him all aspects of creating the perfect golf swing.  Then, Tiger was already well on his way to a hall-of-fame career when he decided to reinvent himself, and develop new training techniques to overcome injury and get stronger as he got older.

Mike Tyson – While boxer Mike Tyson’s legacy will be one of shameful behavior and criminal activity, many people forget that he was once considered the greatest heavyweight of all-time. The reason for his success could be linked to a single man, legendary trainer Cus D’Amato.  Cus shaped Tyson’s boxing career from the time he was a young boy, taking all the rage inside the young man and channeling it into workout regimens and endless sparring to learn the finer skills of boxing.  Without D’Amato, Tyson might not have made it out of the streets of Brooklyn (and indeed after the man died, Tyson’s life took a turn for the worse) but with his athletic training procedures, he became the best in the world.

Bela Karolyi – Rarely do coaches become more famous than the athletes they train, but that is the case with the greatest gymnastics coach who ever lived, Bela Karolyi.  Karolyi rose to world-wide prominence in the 1970’s and 80’s due to his pioneering work with Olympic gold medalists Nadia Komenichi and Mary Lou Retton.  Karolyi proved, through his innovative athletic coaching techniques, that professional athletic training can make a great athlete legendary, and that it was truly possible to achieve perfection if one adhered to that training and maintained unwavering focus.

John Wooden – Wooden’s UCLA men’s basketball dynasty is arguably one of the finest achievements in sports history.  Coach Wooden got it done by taking outstanding athletes and getting them to “buy in” to his training philosophies.  Much like other great professional athletic trainers, Wooden achieved success by focusing on both the mental and physical elements of the game.  His players always came to play, and rarely fell victim to the unforced mental mistakes experienced by most athletes.

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