10 Keys To Athletic Optimal Performance Training

Tiger Woods and Jeff Gordon. LeBron James and Lindsay Davenport. Great athletes are as different as the sports they compete in, but there are several common goals that they all strive to achieve. The goals are the reason why they put in extra hours at the gym, in the training room and on the field of play long before the game begins.

To achieve peak performance, look no further than the following athletic goals. Taken together, they represent the “brass ring” of athletic excellence. You will find almost all of these characteristics in the champions of professional sports, gold medalists in the Olympics and the winner’s circle of major races. You might even find some of them in the public parks across the country – achieved by the weekend warriors who find time to stay dedicated to their game of choice.

Greater strength.
Stronger athletes are at an advantage from the opening bell. Training in the weight room and always pushing one’s limits builds confidence as much as it does muscle. Whether an athlete competes alone, or in a team contact sport, the more strength they can unleash, the more amazing feats they can accomplish.

Sharper focus.
Distractions are everywhere. Especially for athletes. When game time arrives, a great athlete knows how to shut out everything that is going on outside the lines. That additional level of focus is the edge he or she needs to achieve victory over an opponent whose mind is decidedly less disciplined.

More endurance.
In the fourth quarter, the 12th round, or on the 18th green, the better conditioned athletes are the ones who win the day. Endurance training is hard, but running the extra mile on Saturday often leads to a big victory on Sunday.

Increased longevity.
Every athlete wants to continue to enjoy peak performance for as long as possible. Those who take care of their bodies, and commit to stay in great shape (even in the off season) are the ones who see their careers span for decades.

Better agility.
The ability to stay nimble and fleet of foot is a plus in almost every major sport. Agility is not necessarily about pure, natural speed – but instead stems from balance and anticipation. When an athlete is more agile, the perfect swing or the flawless jump are both within reach.

Greater intelligence.
Those who succeed in sports such as baseball, golf, and basketball do so not only because of their athletic prowess, but also because they are students of the game. An athlete who studies others, and learns from their strengths and weaknesses, will continue to succeed long after their prime physical years are behind them.

  • Calm under pressure; performing under pressure
  • Recovery of energy after performance
  • Positive motivation; motivated by achievement and internal drive instead of by fear
  • Emotional balance: don't react to mistakes, recover quickly from a poor performance                                                    

At Moonview Sanctuary, we help professional and amateur athletes delve into peak performance training. Through our Optimal Peak Performance Program we help athletes become stronger mentally and physically, giving them the power to reach all the goals – on the field of play and off. Combining cutting-edge sports psychology with traditional forms of mental training, we help build better athletes. Contact Moonview today and experience the power of Optimal Performance.




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