Winning with Optimal Performance Training at Moonview

Many of the greatest athletics contests are decided not only in the realm of the body – but inside the mind as well.  That is why the Optimal Performance Training programs at Moonview have been able to help so many athletes achieve peak performance on the field of play.  The program combines elements of mind, body and spirit to form a comprehensive plan to improve not only athletic performance, but life off the court as well.

What are the Components of Optimal Performance Training?

Located in Santa Monica, California, Moonview Sanctuary helps athletes of all ages and skill levels achieve that extra mental edge needed to win consistently and get the most out of their chosen sport.  These programs feature several key elements, including:

  • Enhancing focus while on the field of play
  • Developing improved workout and training regimens – and learning how to stick with them
  • Improving communication with teammates and developing outstanding team-building skills
  • Developing the ability shut out distractions and overcome fears regarding performance or failure
  • Learning how to use training to enhance every aspect of life.

Like all ground-breaking peak performance training programs at Moonview Sanctuary, this is accomplished through a powerful combination of holistic methodology and neuroscience that includes:

  • Brain mapping techniques to isolate “problem areas”
  • EKG and EEG machines to monitor heart rate and other key measures
  • Psychiatric assessments to determine emotional factors related to performance
  • Holistic treatment including yoga, acupuncture, meditation and other methods of achieving balance and enlightenment.

Who can Benefit from Optimal Performance?

Almost any athlete can enhance performance using what they learn during Optimal Performance Training, including:

  • Amateur athletes
  • Professional athletes
  • Older athletes looking to maintain peak performance despite advanced age
  • Young athletes who need to develop good practice and performance habits

These athletes will all be able to take advantage of the comprehensive testing and assessment – and because each program is customized to meet the individual’s needs – they will be able to incorporate what they learn almost immediately.

How does it Work?

The optimal performance training program is dedicated to improving all aspects of the mental and physical game.  During this training, the individual will take part an initial evaluation to best determine a performance training track.  After that is complete, the athlete will go through periods of intense individualized training – each of which will be studied and evaluated by the training professionals at Moonview.


As time progresses, the individual will learn how to incorporate the Moonview Model of enhanced mind, body and spirit into every aspect of their lives – both on and off the field.   The object of optimal performance training is to help individuals master a simple set of tools that will pay big dividends during competition.  A healthy by-product of this program is that almost everything the individual learns here will help them lead more balanced and fulfilling lives.


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