What is Nutrition Response Testing?

Nutrition response testing is a unique and powerful method for optimal performance training and promoting better health. More and more nutrition response testing facilities are opening up around the world, as athletes, businesspeople and other groups begin to experience positive results from the procedure.

What is nutrition response testing?
Nutrition Response Testing is based on the concept that there are specific reflex points throughout the body – and each one controls a different bodily function or organ. By using acupuncture to pinpoint these neurological reflexes, medical professionals can identify what areas of the body are functioning at their peak, and which ones need improvement. Then, in the final step of the process, the energy flow to each of the reflex points is studied from a nutritional perspective. The doctor will then prescribe vitamins or other nutritional supplements to help enhance the energy flow to those areas where it is lacking.

What types of supplements are involved?
Most commonly, the doctor will prescribe over-the-counter vitamins and nutritional supplements to help boost performance in the “problem areas”. These supplements are safe, approved by the FDA and used by millions of people around the world to help them achieve better health.

Who benefits from nutrition response testing?
Anyone who is interested in achieving better health or atheletic excellence can benefit from nutrition response testing. Individuals from the world of sports as well as those suffering from illness have all seen their lives improved through nutrition response testing.

Is nutrition response testing safe?
The procedures involved with nutrition response testing are all quite safe, and always administered by a licensed medical professional. In fact, many of the acupuncture-style methods employed during the procedure have been used for thousands of years, and across many different cultures, to help individuals achieve optimal health.

What are the success rates for nutrition response testing?
As with any procedure that is relatively new, there are not many “hard numbers” associated with success rates for nutrition response testing. Many doctors, however, have reported that almost everyone who comes in and takes part in the procedure benefits in some way from it. Remember, the end result of nutrition response testing involves understanding where your body’s nutritional deficiencies lie, and receiving safe, effective, all-natural supplements to boost these areas.

Why haven’t I heard of nutrition response testing before?
Nutrition response testing is still a new procedure in the medical community. The elements of the process have both been in existence for many years. (Both neurofeedback and acupuncture are well-established practices around the world.)

However, nutrition response testing represents one of the first efforts to combine these two practices into a modern medical discipline that help the body function better. This is an exciting time for those involved with nutrition response testing, as more and more people every day are learning about the benefits it can provide, and the peak performance it can help individuals attain.

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