Mental Training Tips for Staying Focused on the Job

Mental training tries to help people work smarter and not harder. And one of the keys to working smarter is maintaining focus while on the job. It’s not as easy it sounds to maintain optimal work performance. Distractions come from all directions throughout the course of the day and can keep even the most well-meaning employees from being their most productive.

Here are some simple tips for staying focused on the job
Getting organized is a crucial step in any career development. At the beginning of every day, it is a good idea to make a to-do list, and then prioritize all the items on the list. Complete everything in order of its priority level (from high to low).

Set goals for the day Within the to-do list (above) there should be clear-cut goals for needs to get accomplished that day.
Take a break or two. While this may seem counterintuitive in an effort to stay focused, short thirty-minute breaks help reduce stress and can “recharge the batteries” that drain quickly when working long hours.

Stop checking email so much Check email every five minutes is a productivity killer. Whatever is contained in those email – be it personal or work-related – is going to steal focus away from the task at hand.

Break big projects into smaller ones When a person has a huge task in front of them, it is easy to become intimidated by the size of the thing and begin to drift off into other things. Taking a project and breaking it down into easier-to-handle morsels of work helps a person feel as if they are accomplishing more towards the ultimate goal.

Office Arragement Individuals who sit facing the door or entranceway way into their workspace are opening themselves up to unwanted interruption. Everyone who walks by and makes eye contact will want to engage that person in conversation. Place chairs on an angle away from the door, or work behind monitors so the face can’t be seen without a little effort.

Use body language to wrap up conversations When a conversation with a coworker is interrupting productivity, turn to the side and begin to shift focus elsewhere. It will only come off as mildly rude, and will provide the correct non-verbal cues that it is time to end the conversation.

Go home! If a project is taking too long, or is causing frustration, it may be time to set it aside for a while. After all, there’s almost nothing that can’t wait until tomorrow, and the longer an individual stays at the office the greater the chance that they will make mistakes or that simple tasks will take longer than expected. Return home and recharge for a fresh start tomorrow.

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