10 Mental Training Exercises To Sharpen Your Mind

Everyone wants to be smarter, but who has time in the course of a busy day to get their doctorate or some other fancy piece of paper? Instead, try sharpening the mind with these simple exercises and lifestyle choices. Soon, everyone at the party will be saying, “check out the big brain on that guy!”

Tips for sharpening mental skills

  1. Get more sleep- Let’s start with the basics. When the body is better rested, the brain functions more sharply. Getting a good night’s sleep provides a leg-up at the start of the day.
  2. Eat better- Like the tip above, when the body is getting all the proper nutrients, it is going to function with more efficiency and clarity. “Brain foods” such as fruits and vegetables help increase mental capacity.
  3. Read more- Ingesting more books and magazines helps increase vocabulary and fine-tune the way the brain solves problems and takes in information.
  4. Watch less TV- While TV may, on occasion, provide some worthwhile programming, it is also a completely passive activity, and therefore requires little of your brain. Throughout the course of the day, we need to seek out mental stimulation – activities that engage the brain.
  5. Memorize things- Studies have shown a strong link between memorization and intelligence. The stronger the memory, the higher intelligence level the brain is able to attain. Memorize things from everyday life – phone numbers, addresses, shopping lists – instead of relying so heavily on PDAs and pre-made lists.
  6. Try meditation- Breathing exercises and meditation have been found to increase focus – which in turn gives individuals a longer, more powerful attention span. By simply taking a few moments out of the day to relax and breathe, people from all walks of life can increase their brain’s capacity for taking in information.
  7. Play games- Not video games of course, but rather classic mind games such as Scrabble, chess or even the occasional Sudoku puzzle which will help keep the mind sharp. (Ever see those elderly men playing chess in the park? They are definitely on to something!)
  8. Try new things- Activities such as travel, trying new foods, reading books by new authors and other unique experiments into the unknown all make the individual a smarter, more well-rounded individual.
  9. Write more- Ask top writers how they got to be at the top of their game and they will all say the same thing: “by writing every day”. Written communication enhances the ability to think in an organized manner, and that means the brain is functioning at the highest level.
  10. Don’t sweat the small stuff- As human beings, we become pre-occupied with the little inconveniences of life. These annoyances have no real bearing on our lives, but remain a distraction to sharpening our minds. Try and let the little things slide.

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