The Elements Los Angeles Sports Psychology

From the college athletes at USC and UCLA, to the pro stars of the Lakers and the Dodgers, Los Angeles is a city with more than its fair share of sports success stories.  But how to these good athletes become great?  And how do great athletes continue to maintain their competitive edge year after year, even when some of their physical skills have begun to decline?

For many pro and amateur athletes, the answer lies in Los Angeles sports psychology programs.  Sports psychology treatment programs help athletes gain a vital mental edge over their competitors, and teaches them how to stay focused during practice and on the field – maintaining optimal performance even when significant distractions threaten to knock them off point.

The Elements of Sports Psychology Programs

The following represent five of the key elements found in most Los Angeles sports psychology programs:

  • Enhanced focus.  Sports psychology programs help athletes shut out potential distractions and achieve greater focus on the field of play.  Personal problems, opposing crowds or taunts from rival players are all distractions that can be eradicated with the proper mental training.
  • Developing the correct habits.  In sports such as golf or baseball, where the mechanics of a swing or other activity play such an important role in success of the athlete, unlearning bad habits can be a challenge.  Sports psychology training help individual develop good habits and then master the skills needed to repeat those habits millions of times over the course of their career.
  • More effective training regimens.  In order to enjoy success on the field, athletes have to be fully dedicated to their practice regimen off the field.  Sports psychologists show athletes how to develop a training program that meets their needs, and then shows them how to have the self-discipline required to stick with it.
  • Reigniting desire.  After a time, athletes can begin to questions themselves and their chosen career.  Some begin to lose a step and then let negative thoughts begin to impact their play.  Sports psychologists are experts at sports motivation techniques that help keep the fire burning and stoke the competitive flames.
  • Overcoming mistakes.  When an athlete makes a mistake, they do so on full public view.  For many, overcoming these gaffes can be difficult.  They may even threaten the career of the individual if not properly addressed.  Sports psychology programs can help rebuild the athlete’s confidence so that they make their fans and supporters forget that the mistake ever occurred.

The Importance of Los Angeles Sports Psychology

It begins with high school sports in California, where young athletes first discover the competitive nature of one biggest sports-hotbeds in the United States.   The tropical climate of Los Angeles helps athletes train year-round, which raises everyone’s level of play.  With so many fine home-grown athletes, the need to maintain an extra edge is a constant presence.   Los Angeles sports psychology programs provide the mental skills needed stay competitive in this unique environment.

Moonview Sanctuary’s Optimal Performance program offers athletes of all ages and skill levels a place where they can improve the mental aspect of their game.  In the heart of Los Angeles, this Santa Monica facility offers a chance to learn from some of the most well-respected names in the world of sports psychology.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.




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