The Importance of Female Athletic Training Programs

One of those most important decisions affecting women’s athletics over the past thirty years was the adoption of Title IX – the law stating that all NCAA Universities must earmark a certain percentage of their athletic donations and funds for women’s sports.  The passage of Title IX made collegiate sports available to more women than ever before – and a result we now have more opportunities at the Olympic, professional and coaching levels.

With these new opportunities comes an additional need for quality female athletic training programs to elevate the level of play of women athletes.

What Happens During Female Athletic Training?

There are several elements women might take part in during athletic training, including:

  • Developing a training regimen – Great athletes all maintain rigorous training regimens.  They include general exercise and sport-specific practice.  Training programs help squeeze the most effective training out of every day and are customized to meet the specific needs of each athlete.
  • Focus training – Both male and female athletes face distractions off the field that interfere with optimal performance training. Athletic mental training exercises help the individual shut out these distractions and maintain focus in any condition.

Why are Female Athlete Training Programs so Important?

The more structured women’s athletic training programs become, the more serious women can be about their chosen pursuit.  This helps alleviate self-esteem and self-image issues that are so prevalent in young women.  Programs designed just for women also provide an alternative to the men’s training program which dominate sports at so many levels.

Is There a Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Athletic Training Programs?

There are no real differences between athletic training for men and women.  Both emphasize ways to enhance performance on the field by increasing focus, developing stronger training regimens and other programs that combine the mental and physical elements of sports. 

Who Can Benefit from Female Athletic Training Programs?

Athletes of all types can benefit from programs that enhance mental and physical performance.  Most prominently, these groups include:

  • High School Athletes.  All too often girls’ athletic receive the short end of the stick in American high schools.  By making athletic training programs available outside of the traditional school setting, coaches and parents are given their students/daughters the edge needed to succeed at higher levels.
  • Collegiate Athletes.  Thanks to Title IX, there are more opportunities for women on the field of play.  However, most of the funding for training programs still goes to the men’s side of the ball.  Specialized women’s training programs help narrow the gap between the genders in the university setting.
  • Olympic and Professional Athletes.  In order for a female athlete to reach the highest level of athletic achievement, they must train relentlessly.   Top women’s athletes take advantage of these programs to continue to excel in professional basketball and soccer leagues – and every sport featured in the Olympics and other international competition.

Moonview Sanctuary offers female athletic training that sharpens the mind and increases the mental discipline of the athletes. Through their Optimal Performance program, Moonview works with athletes of all ages and skill levels and maintains new and innovative methods for meeting and exceeding expectations on the field of play. Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.





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