Tips for getting the most out of an executive training retreat

Executive training retreats are an outstanding opportunity to help raise the performance level of employees, while also giving them a chance to form strong bonds with one another, thus enhancing the overall professional development of the company.

Whether the event takes place at a remote resort, or a nearby hotel, when planning an executive training retreat, knowing some of the “tricks of the trade” can be the difference between a successful outing and one that does not provide a good return on the company’s investment.

Tips for a great executive training retreat

·        Don’t make it a surprise.  In order to generate excitement about the event, many executives might feel compelled to spring a retreat on employees at the last minute.   Experts agree however, that an executive who is able to plan properly for the event will be more relaxed and receptive to the training program.



·         Work with a professional training firm.  While many CEOs and high-level executives do manage to create good training programs for their team, it is not always the best use of their time to do so.  Hiring an executive training company insures that the materials will be well-presented, creative and completely in tune with the most effective executive training methods.



·         Be clear in the objective.  Executive training retreats without a crystal-clear objective are not going to be successful.  Once a CEO has decided what he or she wishes to accomplish at the retreat, they should work closely with the professional training firm to turn that vision into a fun, educational retreat program.


·         Choose a location wisely.    The right location depends upon the goals of the retreat.  If one of the primary functions of the executive leadership training is to form stronger bonds among employees, then perhaps an outing at a remote, bucolic location is the most appropriate choice.  If the office is in the middle of its busiest time of the year, and the primary goal is to learn a series of new techniques or processes, then hotels and meetings rooms close to the office might be the smarter and more cost-effective choice to hold the outing.


·        Follow up after the retreat.  Once the executive training retreat is over, it is good practice to follow up with attendees and make sure they retained all the information dispensed at the event.  Surveying executives to gauge their opinions of the event also helps plan a more effective workshop for next year.  Also, many professional training firms will return to the company and provide “refresher” courses regarding the materials that were discussed during the initial retreat.


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