Executive Team Building Tips

Executive team building is one of the most crucial components of a successful business. How well a company’s high-level executives work with one another can be the difference between success and failure in the marketplace. Many companies that appear to be on the road to success have been undone because of disharmony within the executive ranks. Why? Because in a situation where the individuals are not acting in concert, it is very hard to get anything productive done.

The solution is to build executive team unity, and through executive leadership training make sure that everyone is acting like well-oiled cogs in the machine. But how can a business leader turn her team into a more cohesive unit?

What follows are tips for creating an effective executive team building program for peak performance.

The Corporate Retreat
Getting out of the office and into the fresh air can be a boon for many executive teams. A remote location, coupled with team-building games and exercises can be the right solution for those groups that are struggling to get on the same page.

Executive Team Building Counselors
Hiring an corporate training counselor is the right move for those who may lack the time or resources to put together a full-on corporate retreat. Also, counselors can offer a more serious, results-oriented approach to team building that games and exercises may not provide. Expect an executive team builder to come into the workspace and really get to know the management team on an intimate level. This detailed level of knowledge will then be used by the counselor to identify strengths and weaknesses within the team, and address them accordingly.

One-on-One meetings
Many CEOs or other high-level executives get so caught up in the comings and goings of the day, that they lose sight of the importance of “face time” with the boss. For those who feel as if their team has gone adrift, individual meetings with team leaders may help restore order. These one-on-one meetings represent an important chance to assess the performance of each executive, as well as sniff out potential conflicts and other sources of discontent that may be holding the company back.

Don’t keep secrets
Openness in the work environment makes everyone involved feel happier and more secure. But when there are secrets among certain parts of management, or “factions” within the upper-echelons of the company, it can destroy the team unity that executives worked so hard to achieve. To combat this problem, the CEO needs to hold more status meetings, where everyone present can hear about the activities of the company. Even more importantly, there should be an open forum to raise concerns and ask questions without the threat of retribution. By building a more open environment, the teams will come together more naturally and begin to work better with one another.

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