What You Need to Know about Executive Resilience Training

In an ever-changing, fast moving business world, executives need to be able to adapt to new situations and cope with sudden change in order to succeed. Executive resilience training is an innovative method for helping individuals adapt to change and better respond to shifts in the business climate.

What is executive resilience training?
Executive resilience training refers to corporate mental training or seminars that help high-level employees:

Improve organization skills to prevent stress during times of change or upheaval

  1. Effectively cope with stress in the workplace-Maintain optimal performance levels during times of stress or crisis. The bottom line: executive resilience training helps insure that companies function smoothly and productively during times of uncertainty or in high-pressure situations.
  2. Stress in the workplace-One of the reasons that executive resilience training is so important is because it helps individuals respond to stress is a positive, productive manner. Stress can greatly impede the performance of an employee. And when it occurs at an executive level, there is a significant “trickle-down” effect, in which a manager allows their stress to be projected on to the rest of the team. Anyone who has ever worked in an office knows that sometimes there is a palpable tension “in the air” (for example, if a company is going through downsizing) that has an impact on the performance of executives, right on down to the receptionists. By addressing this stress at the highest level, it should spread a more positive feeling throughout the company.

Who should take part in executive resilience training?
Executive resilience training programs are ideal for almost anyone in the company. Programs can generally be customized to meet the special needs of a certain industry, a particular level of employee (i.e. a supervisor who needs to know how to best manage their people during times of stress), or company size (small businesses, large corporations, etc.).

Why is executive resilience training so important?
There are a variety of factors facing businesspeople today that frankly, those a generation ago never could have conceived.

These important issues include:

  • How to cope with stress in the workplace
  • Problems stemming from a struggling economy (downsizing, outsourcing, etc.)
  • Rapid changes in the global marketplace
  • The continued growth of the online economy
  • Political changes and how they affect the business world


Executive resilience training helps individuals respond to every one of these situations with a positive perspective. The training underscores the importance of being a student of the world, and understanding that clinging to old ways of doing business is not always the best strategy.

Executive resilience training at Moonview Sanctuary prepares executives for anything that might come their way – even in today’s unpredictable marketplace. Moonview helps executives from all industries and company sizes become more flexible, react better and be better prepared for shifts in the global business community. Whether an individual is just starting their own business, or leads a Fortune 500 company, Moonview Sanctuary offers peak performance training programs and counseling designed to help them reach their goals. Contact Moonview today for more information about the Optimal Peak Performance Program.




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