The Latest in Executive Brain Training

Corporate training doesn’t have to be a stuffy, unforgiving experience.   In the case of executive brain training, games and puzzles are used to help employees think more clearly and with greater acuity.  The latest methods used by these programs offer a look into some serious advances in cognitive testing.

What is Brain Training for Executives?

If a company wants to sharpen the mental skills of its executives, brain training can help through a demanding series of puzzles, exercises and cognitive thinking challenges.   Behind these games and puzzles there is something deeper at work.  Training professionals will use the results to form an opinion about the strengths and weaknesses of the individual.  From that point, further challenges will be presented in order to help them fine tune their thinking in a variety of areas.

Is it Supposed to be this Fun?

Yes, brain training is fun.  But it is the science behind these mental training exercises that really helps companies and their executives achieve more.  Every game and puzzle that plays a part of executive brain training is there for a reason:  to act as a unique element of peak performance training.

From Neurofeedback to Exercise

Other elements play a role in executive brain training as well.  Individuals may be monitored using brain mapping techniques to better assess their mental functioning.  In these cases, neuroimaging works as a kind of road map to the brain, pointing out areas that need improvement, and those that are firing on all cylinders.  Cognitive testing can then be applied to “problem areas” thus creating a more customized brain training program that is even more effective.

Studies have also found that physical exercise can play a role in brain training.  Regular exercise can increase the functioning of those areas that control focus, speed and mental agility.  This direct correlation is a strong argument for getting up and taking brisk walks throughout the day, and also proves why physical exercise is included as a recommended feature of classic mental training.

Brain Training for Senior Executives

Just as sports mental training helps older athletes maintain their edge, brain training can also help  older executives stay sharp as the face the daily demands of upper management.  The adage that you have to “use it or lose it” certainly applies to these senior members of the team – all of whom will benefit greatly from these braining training programs.

Through its Optimal Performance program Moonview Sanctuary of Santa Monica, California offers executive brain training to companies of all sizes that hone the mental skills of their most valuable employees.  The testing programs created by Moonview are considered some of the most advanced in the industry.    Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.




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