The Benefits of Sports Excellence Training

Optimal training programs for athletes help professionals and amateurs achieve their goals through the use of mental conditioning that impacts physical performance.  In addition winning, however, these training programs also offer a variety of benefits that help the athlete live healthier and more fulfilling lives on an off the field.

What are the Key Benefits of Sports Excellence Training?

  • A healthier approach to sports.    This is especially important with young athletes who are developing the work habits that with stay with them for many years.  Sports excellence training teaches the athlete how to achieve proper balance in their lives – so that sports do not overshadow personal or family life.
  • A more disciplined approach to sports.  Sports mental training can help athletes achieve excellence by designing customized practice regimens – and then giving the individual the cognitive tools to stick with the plan every day.
  • Enhanced focus on the field.   Focus training is one of the most important elements in athletic excellence coaching.    Counselors and mental trainers can help identify those areas which are causing athletes to become distracted on the field, and develop solutions that “retrain their brain” and shift focus back to the athletic activity.
  • Better mechanics.  When a golfer or baseball player loses their swing mechanics, they can see their career sink rapidly in decline.  Sports excellence training uses technology and therapy to help athletes rediscover their swing and maintain it through thousands and thousands of repetitions.
  • Measurable results.  Sports excellence training programs provide instant feedback on the athlete’s performance.  As the program progresses, they can see how, specifically, their training regimen is affecting what they do on the field.   This kind of reporting helps individual focus only on those areas that need the most work.

Who Benefits from Sports Excellence Training?

Sports excellence training programs are designed to meet the needs of many different athletes.  Amateur and professional athletes may have different goals (one may seek an Olympic medal, the other a new contract) but both are learning to utilize the same tools here.    Discipline, focus and intelligence can be found in any winning athlete, and these are the things which are taught in sports excellence training.

In particular, young athletes can benefit immensely from sports excellence training or peak performance training.  A young person who learns good habits early will not only use them for their entire athletic career, but is also likely to see these habits “spill over” into other aspects of their life, such as school, work and personal relationships.

One of the reasons why professionals and amateur come to Moonview Sanctuary for their sports excellence training is Dr. Stephen I. Sideroff.  Dr. Sideroff is a highly-regards expert in the fields of neurofeedback and biofeedback in the pursuit of achieving athletic excellence.  Dr Sideroff is an integral part of the Optimal Performance program at Moonview and uses cutting edge technology and traditional cognitive methodology to help athletes be the best they can be.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.




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