Tips from Athletic Mental Excellence Training Programs

A sharper mind leads to improved performance on the field of play.  That’s why so many athletes who wish to achieve peak performance turn to mental excellence training programs as a means of creating a mind that is as strong as their bodies.

The following represent a series of tips from some of the leading mental training programs in the country.  Each one was chosen to provide a jumping off point for motivated athletes who understand the power of the mind and its relation to physical performance.

Tips for Achieving Athletic Mental Excellence

  • Shut out distractions.  While top athletes make everything they do look easy, many are actually fighting a series of off-the-field distractions as they attempt to perform their job at the highest level.  Just like corporate or blue collar workers, issues at home or interpersonal dynamics with teammates can act as distractions.  Those who are able to shut these elements out when they are between the lines can succeed in almost any situation.
  • Develop a practice regimen.  It is one thing to develop the perfect workout regimen, but it is another to build the mental toughness needed to stick with it every day.   From the first time a young boy or girl picks up a ball, parents and coaches tell them how “practice makes perfect.”  Optimal performance training shows athletes how to put turn this into a success career in sports.
  • Study your opponent.  In competitive sports such as boxing, basketball and football there is a great deal that can be gained from studying opponents.  Modern technology has aided the process, with new ways to play and replay past performances, but it is mental training that shows athletes how to best utilize this information.  By knowing how to look for strengths and weakness within an opponent, mental excellence training is giving the individual an advantage even before they step out on to the field.
  •  Remove roadblocks.  Some athletes have “mental roadblocks” that keep them from achieving success.  Whether it is the inability to perform well in front of large crowds, or being beholden to certain superstitions, these obstacles can make a huge difference on the field.  What athletic mental excellence training gives athletes is a focus so pure that they are able to obliterate these roadblocks with ease.  That means honoring a strict adherence to practice and focus as directed by the training program’s regimens.


The Benefits of Athletic Mental Excellence Training


Athletes are blessed with physical gifts.  But how they choose to utilize these gifts is up to them.  Mental excellence training helps athletes get the absolute most out of their physical condition and training.  It is also the key to being able to complete with younger competitors long past their physical prime.  The ability to “outthink” one’s opponents becomes more and more important as the years progress.


The Optimal Performance program at Moonview Sanctuary helps amateur and professional athletes achieve mental peak performance in their chosen sport.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.




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