Athletic Excellence Coaching And A High Energy Diet

Those involved with athletic excellence coaching understand that in order to win, the body must be properly fueled. That means creating a diet that is high on energy filled foods and natural substances, and low on the kinds of products that slow the body down.

What follows are some basic tips for athletes who want to achieve peak performance through improved nutrition and better eating habits.

What the right diet can do for an athlete:

  • A high-energy diet provides several key benefits for the athlete, including:
  • Deliver the nutrients needed to meet the demands of a rigorous training program
  • Help maintain an optimal body weight
  • Keep body fat levels low
  • Keep the body properly hydrated
  • Maintain both the short-term and long-term health of the individual

High Energy nutritional tips for athletes
Eat three different kinds of foods at every meal. Eat more foods rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. And keep mixing things up for proper balance. A well-fueled athlete should eat about 35 different foods per week.

Eat natural foods in their natural state
Make better choices when it comes to the form of the food. For example, choose oranges over orange juice (which is loaded with sugar), stay away from processed foods, take in less sodium, and avoid foods with transfat at all costs!

Everything in moderation
Those who achieve a healthy diet and a happy life, understand that sometimes people just need a little comfort food. It is OK to enjoy foods that aren’t necessarily part of a strict dietary regime, just remember to keep the indulgences in moderation.

Snack wisely!
Midday snacks are just mini-meals in disguise, so use the same rules and discipline for the other meals of the day when choosing what to carry around eat throughout the day.
Reduce caffeine intake. Caffeine, a staple for anyone who drinks coffee and soda, causes the blood vessels in the body to narrow, thereby reducing blood flow. An athlete training for peak performance wants those vessels wide open in order to better carry the nutrients from the high-energy diet to the muscles.

Take in lots of Vitamin C
Vitamin C holds many benefits for the athlete. It can speed up the healing process and reduce the effects of muscle sprains and other nagging injuries. Vitamin helps the body’s immune system as well, insuring that the athlete is not benched due to colds or other nagging illnesses. As mentioned above, it is optimal to get Vitamin C from oranges, rather than orange juice, but vitamin supplements also work well.

Stay hydrated
Dehydration can keep an athlete from performing well on the field, and in some cases, can even cause death. Drink water during and immediately after activity, especially in weather conditions that are hot and humid.

For nutritional counseling programs that help athletes reach sports excellence, contact Moonview Sanctuary in Santa Monica, California. Moonview’s Optimal Peak Performance programs offers complete dietary counseling and general health advice from a holistic perspective. More importantly, the expert staff at Moonview provides accountability and motivation for those looking to improve their health through sports performance training.




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