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Athletic excellence coaching focuses on ways to help the individual achieve peak performance. Specifically, it provides the education and techniques an athlete needs to get the absolute most out of their abilities.

Throughout the history of professional and amateur sports, there have been coaches who stood apart when it came to getting the most out of their players. These coaches were master motivators, who understood the psychology of sports played as important a role as the activity itself.
Here’s a look at some of the best coaches who ever blew a whistle.

The Greatest Coaches of All Time

Vince Lombardi
Popularized the phrase “winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing” while turning the far away NFL Green Bay Packers into an NFL juggernaut. Was a master motivator who demanded a great deal from his players, including that they always be 15-20 minutes early to every meeting (also known as “Lombardi Time”). His work ethic was legendary and he instilled that value on anyone who ever played for him.

John Wooden
The most successful college basketball coach of all time, John Wooden coached UCLA men’s basketball to an astounding 10 NCAA championships in 12 years. Wooden created and employed a “Pyramid of Success” for his players which many would utilize to be successful on and off the court. The pyramid included lessons on hard work, loyalty, being kind to others and always exhibiting outstanding sportsmanship.

Red Auerbach
The most successful professional basketball coach in history, Red provided skilled leadership for his players on the court, and more importantly was an active mentor for them in their post-playing days. So great an influence was Auerbach that many of his players, in addition to being Hall of Famers would go on to successful coaching and front office jobs in the NBA. Led the Boston Celtics through three different dynasty periods as both coach and general manager of the team. Known his trademark cigar which he would light, as tradition, whenever the Celtics brought home a championship.

Dean Smith
The longtime University of North Carolina coach will be remembered not only for his NCAA titles and outstanding career winning percentage, but for the high graduation rate of his players (almost 97% over all his years). Several of his highest profile players who did leave school early (such as Michael Jordan) would return years later to complete their degree and honor their commitment to Smith.

John McGraw
McGraw trails only Connie Mack as the all-time winningest manager in Major League Baseball history, but his place is cemented in Cooperstown as perhaps the great baseball manager who ever lived. McGraw was the best evaluator of talent of his day, and recognized the need to bring African-American players into the game, long before it was safe to recommend such a thing.

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