Athletes who Excel with Peak Performance Training

There are certain athletes who raise the bar in terms of performance. Their excellence and consistency stands as a shining example of what the human body can achieve if properly trained. The following athletes could all be used as examples in a peak performance training program. In each of their respective sports, they excel on a consistent level and have raised the performance of those around them.

Tiger Woods

Few people can say that they have single-handedly transformed their sport, but Tiger Woods has. Through mind-blowing talent and an unrivaled commitment to excellence, Woods stands poised to be considered the greatest who ever played the game.

After managing to win the U.S. Open on what was later determined to a broken leg, Woods took a year to have surgery and rehabilitate his game and his mind. All fears about his future performance were laid to rest as we won the Doral Open in only his second tournament back.

Woods is a picture of focus, discipline and hard work worthy of any peak performance training program.

Kobe Bryant

Winner of multiple NBA titles and an Olympic gold medal, Kobe Bryant has achieved almost everything there is to achieve in the world of basketball. But still he pushes himself harder – always looking for that new shot, that extra edge that will keep him a step ahead of his rivals. His fellow Olympians in China said that Kobe’s level of intensity during practices was higher than that seen in most actual games.

Shaun White

The freewheeling snowboarder may seem like a fun-loving party guy, but in actuality he is a driven athlete who pushes himself every time he approaches the half-pipe. By constantly reinventing himself and using disciplines from a variety of sports, White is proving himself to be one of the 21st century’s first true champions.

Lance Armstrong

Imagine what it would take to win multiple Tour de France championships. Now think about how hard that would be after you had been diagnosed with cancer. That is exactly what Lance Armstrong has been able to accomplish – and now as he is poised for another comeback looks to try and rewrite the record books once more. Armstrong is a living, breathing example of what the human body can accomplish if the mind is willing. There is as much sports mental training that goes into his regimen as there is on the physical side.

Through its Optimal Performance program, Moonview Sanctuary can help any athlete achieve greatness. Using cutting edge neuroscience and traditional training and spiritual practices, Moonview Sanctuary is able to offer professional and amateur athletes a way to improve their performance and enjoy a more fulfilling career in their chosen sport. For more information, contact Moonview Sanctuary today.




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