Moonview Movie

Enter Moon View. A sanctuary from the world. A place of Safety. A place of Tranquility. A place of learning and discovery. A place of feeling. Once you have arrived, you can almost feel it. Therapy for the mind body and the soul. Here you will find a remarkable team of clinical directors, who's years of knowledge and experience make them uniquely qualified to manage and administer the most complex personalized treatment programs. The founder and CEO of moon view, doctor laurie ann levin, is a pioneer in spiritual psychology. Her specialized research in death and dying and intuition launched her upon a six year evolution for a new vision of mental health. That is Moon View.

What moon view does thats different from any other place is that it really takes into account your uniqueness. The way you metabolize your emotions, the way your brain functions, the way your bodies absorbed pain, past hurt, past traumas. We take in a team of practitioners, experts in their fields, from all different vantage points. Some work toward understanding your emotions and your coping strategies. Some work at understand your body and where your trauma has gotten lodged in your body. Some work at understanding your unconscious. Some work at understanding just who you are but their expertise comes from 60 different vantage points and we think take on your case every day.

Medical director doctor Terry Eagan is noted for his clinical work in geriatric psychology, eating disorders and substance abuse. He also specializes in anxiety and depressive disorders. Teacher, lecturer, administrator and practicing psychiatrist.

Here we focus on not only the medical and psychiatric components but also we take a strong look on their family and other support systems. We also place a strong emphasis on the marriage of both eastern and western philosophy and the ways in which this can work together in helping patients achieve the results that they're looking for in their lives.

Director of psychological services, Dr. Marleen Doctorow brings over 25 years of experience as a psychologist in private practice working with both individuals and families. She is a consultant, professor, author and supervisor.

One of the most unique things about moon view thats so exciting is that different facets of the client have improved immensely with the work of multiple practitioners, that kind of event that we haven't witnessed before and it really is exciting to the whole team and energizes the whole team.

The goal here is to literally feed back information about your brain waves so that you can learn to shift them into an optimal pattern, almost like exorcize for the brain.

Director of mind/body services, doctor Stephen Sideroff is an internationally recognized pioneer in behavioral medicine, behavioral science, and peak performance. he has published ground breaking research in substance abuse treatment and lectured and conducted over 300 professional seminars around the world.

I combined both brain research along with psychotherapy along with biofeedback and neurofeedback and integrate that into a complete program. In creating the program here at Moon View it gives me the greatest opportunity to integrate some very cutting edge approaches to neuroscience to the way the mind and body interact.

This is moon view.

When clients come to us at moon view there is an understanding that they are making a commitment to work with us for a full year.

It takes a year to be able to understand the shifts in the growth that you are about to embark on. your taking on a major transitional investment in your life.

And the first 15 days of that program are full time. Starts out with a two day complete assessment from a number of different practitioners, a number of different prospectives.

using a team approach, when you have a number of practitioners from different specialties who work together in a collaborative manner, each focusing on the patient and their individual situation from their own prospective.

At all the other centers there is a group component with one practitioner, we are a group of practitioners on one.

All of this is to design the optimal program.

We are looking at not only the different kinds of treatments which we think will be successful in helping someone achieve their goals, but also the sequencing and the timing of these treatments.

But thats isn't the only thing we do, we realize that everybody lives in a context. They have associations, relationships, so as a result, part of the moon view protocol is to work with the individuals in this person's life and help the environment that the person comes out of as well. So we might work with the spouse, business partner, a friend so that they participate in this healing process as well.

At the end of that 15 days this team of experts will customize a year program for you where you will come in over the year with you and your support system.

And they come back every quarter for a 2 day intensive to check up on their progress and to make adjustments as necessary.

If your here you'll come to moon view, if you live in other parts of the world we'll customize a treatment plan for you there. Our commitment is to find the best experts all over the globe that can help. (And notice what's going on in your body and notice what's going on visually, you go with that.)

Its exciting to us here at moon view to offer patients healing opportunities that are not available anywhere else in the world.

Some of these approaches are very new, such as neurofeedback, EMDR. Some of these approaches are however very old, for example we incorporate yoga into our therapy programs.

We have a program that isn't done anywhere that we know of, but to balance and stabilize families and you for the readers of trials.

There's polarity therapy, there is cranial sacral therapy, there's art therapy.

There is psycho drama music therapy, equine therapy, sex therapy.

Your emotional technique work, hypnosis, neurofeedback and biofeedback, which is given to patients on a daily basis.

We have a 150 acres in montana, the idea is not to have it be a resort retreat, but to have you understand yourself better through nature.

Nature itself can be a great healer. And here at moon view we also explore a range of animal therapies that offer our clients transcendent experiences that are truly in another dimension of healing.

I think that the way that we put together such a comprehensive program makes us unique in being able to help people.

You will be honored here. No clients ever run into any other clients, even though we're very much an an advocate of group therapy there really isn't group therapy done here, to honor your privacy, to honor your confidentiality. We will drive you to and from your home. There will be a personal assistant that stays with you overnight. If you end up up having a difficult time at 2 in the morning we'll be with you then. you know, you can live in the comfort of your own home or hotel and the personal assistant or nurse depending on the level of what your needs are, will be with you to help you through that time.

I'm very excited about the potential of moon view and the potential of moon view to really advance the field of psychotherapy, advance the field of healing in general.

All designed for the uniqueness of you.

Many people would make the statement, this is the first time that i've had support in my life that i can count on, that i can come back to.

The results we see are fantastic.

Moon view, pioneering a new vision of therapy and healing.