Admission Information

We want you to feel secure with what to expect from your Moonview experience. At all times, beginning with the initial phone call, we remain sensitive to your needs. You can be assured that we pay attention to all private treatment details in every aspect of care for you.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance. You have our commitment to uphold the highest possible levels of confidentiality of your private treatment and each staff member is dedicated to maintaining this standard.

Client Rights
Your client rights, as well as the rights of your family and support system, will be protected to the best of our ability. This will be reviewed with you in detail when you arrive at the Sanctuary.

We may determine that it is not an appropriate time for you to begin or continue with the private treatment program, and we will offer options for you should this occur.

What to Expect
Upon arrival, you will be welcomed and oriented to the Sanctuary healing facility and treatment center. Over the first two days, you will have a psychiatric and psychotherapeutic evaluation. A medical evaluation will occur prior to your arrival at the Sanctuary. In conjunction with your primary physician, we will address any medical issues you might have. With your agreement, as part of your treatment, we encourage the participation of your family or support network. Each day you will have your own plan customized, which may change depending upon your evolving needs.

Structured mental health and drug treatment program therapies will typically start at 9:00 a.m. and end at 5:00 p.m. A range of non-structured therapies will continue for your support until 9:00 p.m. In addition, we offer around-the-clock attention to your needs at home or your hotel. This may include a personal companion, recovery assistant or nurse.

Lunch and snacks will be prepared by our chef for optimal nutrition and health, consistent with your dietary requirements.

At the end of the initial 15 days, an extended private treatment plan will be created for you. This includes the scheduling of quarterly two-day sessions.

At the time of your intake appointment, you will be asked about any medication you might be taking. It is important that we know the name of the medication, the dosage and frequency administered to ensure your drug treatment program is conducted safely.

In order to maximize your time with us, visitors will need to be pre-approved by our treatment team to our healing facility and treatment center.

Accommodations/Travel Arrangements
At the Sanctuary  you may either stay at your home or we may recommend that you stay at a hotel or Moonview Malibu Sanctuary during the course of the mental health or drug treatment program. We will assist in making your hotel and air travel arrangements to Moonview. A car and driver will be provided for your transportation to and from the Sanctuary.

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