Wellness Treatment Programs and Addiction

Detox, counseling and aftercare are all elements of addiction treatment that most people could name right off the top of their head.  But there is another aspect of alcohol and drug rehab that is just as important, but less publicized:  the wellness treatment program.

Wellness treatment programs are the means by which individuals grow stronger in mind, body and spirit so they can better overcome the challenges presented by recovery.

Understanding Wellness Treatment Programs and Addiction

When an individual enters into a residential or outpatient drug treatment program, they are likely to be a low point in their life.  Many people do not enter treatment until they have “bottomed out” and realize that they must take responsibility for their own life or face dire consequences.

Wellness treatment programs help build strength and vitality during the rehab process.   The importance of these factors as they pertain to drug or alcohol treatment cannot be understated. 

How Wellness Treatment Improves the Chance of Recovery

In order to get the most out of individual counseling or group counseling, the individual must be physically prepared just as much as they are mentally ready for this often-grueling emotional journey.  In fact, that is why most rehab programs require that they individual completes detoxification before counseling begins – because it helps them get their bodies in proper order. 

That same philosophy holds true with wellness programs.  By providing exercise programs, nutritional counseling, yoga and other positive practices, the rehab program is enhanced right along with the health of the individual.

What are the Most Effective Forms of Wellness Treatment Programs?

Every program is different, but currently the following treatment programs are employed at many alcohol and drug rehab programs throughout the country.

  • Exercise and general health – Individuals who have used drugs or alcohol for an extended period of time have likely allowed their exercise regimen to suffer.    Rehab is the perfect time to a start workout program for a variety of reasons, most prominent of which is the need to replace the drug habits and activity with something more positive.
  • Nutritional counseling – The eating habits or alcohol or drug addicts are notoriously poor.  Individuals with a substance abuse problem simply forgo all other aspects of their life in the pursuit of drugs or alcohol.  Top flight wellness programs within rehab facilities focus on teaching good habits in terms of diet.  Again, the end goal being the improved health of the recovering addict.
  • Holistic practices – Finally, using Eastern holistic practices such as yoga, meditation and acupuncture all become more popular at rehab facilities, as programs are seeing real, measurable results from these time-tested programs.  Holistic drug rehab programs understand that yoga and meditation both improve focus – a crucial part of staying the course and keeping up with one’s recovery goals.

The Addiction Treatment program at Moonview Sanctuary focuses on the link between personal wellness and recovery from alcohol or drug addiction.  Through a series of innovative programs geared towards improving health and enriching the spirit, Moonview puts all their patients in the absolute best position to achieve recovery. 






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