Spiritual Addiction Treatment

For many individuals, science alone is not enough to help them overcome addiction or substance abuse.  These people put a strong belief in spirituality and feel that this must be incorporated into their treatment plan in order for them break the addiction cycle.

Luckily, many fine alcohol and drug rehab programs around the country have recognized this desire and created spiritual addiction treatment programs, as well as traditional addiction programs with a very strong spiritual component.

The following information will help provide a window into what these programs are all about and how they can help individuals achieve recovery.

What is Spiritual Addiction Treatment?

Spiritual addiction treatment refers to any alcohol or drug rehab program that incorporates elements of religion, spirituality or holistic practices to help the individual recover from addiction.  Conditions that can be addressed using spiritual addiction treatment include:  heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, Vicodin addiction and other serious substance abuse problems.

What are the Different Types of Spiritual Addiction Treatment?

There are a wide variety of different spiritual practices being utilized in addiction treatment centers around the country, including:

  • Holistic practices and holistic medicine.  Yoga, meditation and acupuncture are the three of the most powerful ancient practices which could be termed “spiritual” in nature because they help align the mind, body and spirit during treatment.
  • The mind-body-soul connection.  For many people, feeling connected to their faith gives them the strength they need overcome the challenges that life often presents.  Therefore, many addiction treatment programs will offer individuals a chance to worship their chosen religion as a means of strengthening the bond between mind, body and spirit – thus enhancing their chances for overcoming addiction.
  • A belief in a “higher power”.   12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are based on the principal that an individual must give themselves up to a higher power that controls their addiction.   The thinking goes that once an individual is ready to admit that they have no control over the “big picture” of addiction, they are in a much better position to make good decisions in the rest of their life – which in turn will bring about a drug and alcohol free life.   The higher-power philosophy is not for everyone, however, and some people never feel completely comfortable in AA or NA programs as a result.

Combining Spiritual Practices with Modern Techniques

As popular as spiritual addiction treatment has become, few rehab facilities will use these practices without also incorporating a strong therapy or neuroscientific methodology into the mix.  In fact, industry experts agree that those programs that do both exceptionally well are the ones that report the highest rates of success among their patients.

Moonview Sanctuary combines spiritual practices and cutting-edge neuroscience to bring their patients the finest Addiction Treatment care available.  Individuals who enroll at Moonview are treated to both spiritual wellness, and modern science working in concert to deliver results.  Contact Michael’s House today for more information.




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