Do You Need Shopping Addiction Treatment?

If you have a shopping addiction, you could be destroying your family relationships and financial good standing without even realizing it.    This is a serious problem that requires addiction treatment and professional psychiatric care.  But how do you know if you are a compulsive shopper?  Consider the following information if you or someone you love has let shopping overtake their life.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Shopping Addiction?

If you suspect that you may have a shopping addiction, and are seeing your life unravel as a result, then it is important to seek treatment immediately.  Watch for the following signs and symptoms of the condition:

  • Your shopping is related to your mood.    You shop when you feel anxious, depressed or angry as a means of coping with emotional pain or unsettling feelings.
  • You feel a rush when you shop.  Like those with a drug addiction, individuals who shop compulsively report a euphoric feeling when shopping.  The deeper individuals fall into addiction, the shorter this rush period lasts, meaning that they will need to shop for more items with higher price tags to recreate it.
  • Spending above your means.  The compulsive shopper will not be limited by a budget.  When they see something want, they feel powerless and will spend money they don’t have – running up high-interest credit card bills in the process.
  • Impulse shopping.  You walk into a store to buy a single pair of pants, but end up walking out with six new outfits that you had no plans to buy.
  • You return items as compulsively as you shop for them.   It’s a classic symptom of a shopping addiction.  You buy a large quantity of items at the store, then feel remorse and return them all.  But instead of “learning your lesson” you go back and buy more things before you leave.
  • Shopping has affected your relationships.  The money you are spending on shopping is putting a strain on your relationship with spouse, parents or other loved ones.

Why Shopping Addiction Treatment is more important than ever

Given the state of the current economy, people need to be very careful with their money.  Unfortunately, individuals who have a shopping addiction are unable to control their spending – no matter how precarious their financial situation.  With retirement accounts losing value, and jobs being lost at one of the fastest rates in history, the is the time to be saving money for the future – not blowing it on material things that are classified as “essentials.”  Like drug rehab is essential to the health of the addict, shopping addiction treatment is often required to protect people’s homes from foreclosure and children’s college funds from being decimated.

Moonview Sanctuary is a groundbreaking treatment facility located in Santa Monica, California.  The expert staff at Moonview can help those individuals with a shopping addiction who have seen their lives turned upside down as a result of their condition.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information about their world-class Addiction Treatment program.





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