Myths and Facts about Sex Addiction Therapy

Recent news that X-Files actor David Duchovny has checked into a sex addiction therapy program has brought the issue of compulsive sexual behavior into the spotlight to sit alongside alcohol and drug addiction in the celebrity news pantheon.  But despite the silly jokes on late-night talk shows, sex addiction is no laughing matter.  Countless individuals and their families are impacted negatively by the condition every day.  

What is sex addiction?

Sex addiction can strike men and women of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds.  The condition is defined by a compulsive need to engage in unemotional, repeated sex-related behaviors, even if that behavior puts the individual and their families at risk.

Common signs and symptoms of sex addiction include: 

  • Engaging in unsafe sex with multiple partners
  • Spending an excessive amount of time viewing online pornography
  • Cheating on spouse or significant other

The individual with a sexual addiction becomes so preoccupied with sex that the other important aspects of their life begin to suffer as a result.   And unlike the majority of society, they are unable to control their sexual impulses and urges.

Myths and facts about sex addiction therapy

Myth:  Sex addiction therapy is only for married people or those individuals in a committed relationship.

Fact:  Individuals who develop a compulsion regarding sex are putting themselves at risk whether they are single, dating or married.   Engaging in unsafe sex can lead to serious health consequences such as contracting HIV/AIDS, herpes or other venereal disease.  Also, there is unlawful behavior to consider as well, such soliciting a prostitute or exchanging illegal drugs for sex.

Myth: Sex addicts can stop whenever they want

Fact:  Sexual addiction is a strong psychological condition, and just like drug addiction or an addiction to gambling, the individual alone cannot stop engaging in the behavior, even if they want to and know that is causing harm to themselves and their families.  Sexual addiction treatment is the most effective course of action for these individuals.

Myth:  Only women are sex addicts

Fact:  Current research suggests that sex addiction strikes both genders almost equally.  Men and women may experience different root causes for their condition, but this condition certainly does not “play favorites.”

Myth:  Sex addiction is the same condition it was 20 years ago

Fact:  The Internet has greatly changed sexual addiction, giving compulsive individuals much greater access to the elements of their addiction than they would have had two decades ago.  The overwhelming amount of online pornography, as well as chat rooms and web sites that can help facilitate anonymous sexual encounters have accelerated the problem for many individuals. The anonymous nature of the web has removed many previous barriers to seeking out these kinds of materials and relationships. 

Why is sex addiction therapy so important?

Moonview Sanctuary helps those individuals who have seen their lives thrown into chaos as a result of sex addiction.  Located in Santa Monica, California, Moonview is an outpatient addiction treatment center staffed by caring professionals who know how to help people overcome their sexual compulsive behavior.  For more information, or to receive a confidential consultation, Contact Moonview Sanctuary today about their Addiction Treatment programs.




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