Santa Monica Outpatient Drug Treatment Centers

Santa Monica outpatient drug treatment centers are considered some of the most progressive in Southern California and the United States as a whole.  Inspired by the world-renowned medical community of this small ocean-side city, these addiction treatment facilities are well known for their cutting-edge rehab programs and high success rates.

What makes Santa Monica Outpatient Drug Treatment Centers unique?

Like the residents of Santa Monica, the outpatient drug treatment programs are made up of an eclectic mixture of styles.  Entering into drug treatment in Santa Monica means having access to both cutting-edge medical and psychological methodologies, as well as an opportunity to work with modern-day masters of ancient healing techniques such as yoga, acupuncture and massage therapy.

It all comes together in Santa Monica outpatient drug treatment – where a willingness to try new things, and always look for innovative solutions to the addiction problem has resulting in astounded success rates at the rehab level.

Who should consider Santa Monica outpatient drug treatment?

Any individual who is suffering from drug addiction and unable to stop on their own should consider entering into treatment immediately.  Santa Monica drug rehab programs treat a wide variety of addiction and substance abuse issues, including:

  • Cocaine addiction
  • Heroin addiction
  • Crystal meth addiction
  • Prescription painkiller addiction (including Vicodin, OxyContin and other medications)
  • Marijuana addiction

The common thread that runs through all those who can benefit from drug addiction treatment is a willingness to admit that they have a problem, and a desire to break the cycle of addiction forever.

What are the advantages of outpatient drug treatment?

Although there are many core similarities between the two, there are also several distinct advantages to outpatient drug treatment over residential treatment programs.  (Residential drug treatment programs are those in which the individual must stay overnight at the facility over an extended period of time.) 

These advantages include:

  • Returning home in the evening.  At an outpatient drug treatment center, individuals are free to go home at the end of the program day, giving them a chance to gain support from their family and friends during this challenging time.
  • Going to work or school.  If the schedule allows for it, individuals in an outpatient treatment program can continue going to work or attending school during rehab.  This is NOT an option for residential care patients, who spend all their time at the drug rehab facility.
  • Locations.  Many residential facilities are located outside of major metropolitan areas.  By and large, outpatient drug treatment centers, such as the ones found in Santa Monica, are located in convenient city-based locales, which make them more accessible to working people or students.

Located in Santa Monica, Moonview Sanctuary is one of the most well-regarded outpatient drug treatment centers in Southern California.  Moonview treats individuals who are addicted to drugs with a unique combination of modern neuro-technology and ancient holistic care practices.  The result is an individual who achieves recovery through the enhancement of mind, body and spirit.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.




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