Santa Monica Drug Treatment for Women

Santa Monica is known throughout the world for its progressive politics, eclectic populace and well-regarded drug rehab programs.    Santa Monica Drug Treatment programs for women are progressive institutions as well.


Why do Women Develop Drug Addictions?


The reasons why women develop drug addictions are actually quite different than those found in men.  Among the root causes of women’s drug addictions are:


  • Self-image issues – In almost every age demographic, women are susceptible to stress and depression due to issues of self-image and inadequacy.  Drugs provide an escape from the pain these feelings can cause.
  • Co-dependency – Women are much more likely to need drug addiction treatment when their spouses, boyfriends or significant others are involved with drug as well.  When the relationship is tied in with substance abuse, many women will continue to use drugs at the risk of losing that significant other.
  • Trying to “have it all” – Over the past few decades, women have been unfairly painted into a corner by society.  There are tremendous demands placed on them to have a family, a career and a perfect appearance.  Many women will turn to drugs as a coping mechanism for these sometimes unattainable expectations.



What Types of Drug Treatment are Available for Women in Santa Monica?


In the ocean-side city of Santa Monica, there are a number of outstanding drug treatment centers that are well-versed in the treatment styles which benefit women the most.    Women in Santa Monica (or Los Angeles as a whole) can choose from a wide variety of treatment styles and program formats.   The city is home to both residential rehab programs (co-ed and single-sex) as well as outpatient drug treatment centers that allow women to return home to their families at the end of the treatment day.


Why is Santa Monica Drug Treatment for Women so Important?


Because of all the unique reasons why women become involved in drug use, it is important that they enroll in an addiction treatment center that speaks to their specific needs.  Santa Monica drug rehab facilities for women need not be single-sex, women-only facilities in order to meet this criterion.  As long as the facility features a dedication to the types of programs which are proven-successful in treating women’s addiction issues, the choice is a good one.


There is an extra urgency in treating women with families.  When young children are part of the equation, or the mother is the head of the household, there is a lot more at stake than just the life of one individual.  Drug addiction treatment programs help stabilize the family life of the woman in recovery and give her the power to strengthen her life and the bond with her spouse and children.


Santa Monica has always led the way in powerful drug treatment programs for women.  Moonview Sanctuary is located in Santa Monica and is one of the finest drug addiction treatment facilities in the area.  The outpatient format gives the patient the freedom to see family in the evening after counseling and healing during the day.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary for more information about their Addiction Treatment programs.





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