Santa Monica Drug Rehab

One of the most vibrant, cosmopolitan areas in Southern California, Santa Monica is also the destination of choice for many individuals seeking a progressive drug rehab facility with a solid record of success. Thousands of individuals each year come to Santa Monica for cocaine rehab, heroin addiction rehab, alcohol dependence treatment and a wide array of other problems.

For those individuals who live in the Los Angeles area, what follows is helpful information regarding drug and alcohol treatment centers in the Santa Monica area.

About Santa Monica
Located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, Santa Monica is a bustling community made up of an eclectic mixture of individuals – from struggling artists to the incredibly wealthy. People flock to Santa Monica for its proximity to the beach and consistently beautiful Mediterranean-style weather. Santa Monica is bordered by other famous Los Angeles-area communities, including the ultra-wealthy Brentwood and the gritty, artisan-filled Venice.

About drug rehab
Drug rehab is a program that allows individuals a chance to end their dependence on drugs and reclaim their lives. Drug rehabilitation generally begins with drug detox – where the harmful toxins drugs bring into the body are given a chance to leave the system. During the detox process, many individuals suffer from withdrawal symptoms.

Once detox is complete, the individual can begin the “meat” of the drug rehab process. This includes group and individual counseling, where the patient can begin to learn the roots causes of their addiction, discover new behaviors to replace old, drug related behaviors, and learn coping skills that will help move forward with a drug-free life. During counseling, the individual is urged to open up about his feelings and talk openly about his addiction. For many, this is the first time they have ever talked about their addiction, and the experience, especially in front of peers in the group setting, can be quite therapeutic.

Drug rehab centers in Santa Monica
The population of Santa Monica is relatively small (just over 90,000), but is home to many outstanding drug rehab facilities. Many people from Los Angeles are drawn to treatment centers in Santa Monica because of its relative proximity to their homes, while others from around the world choose the city because of the beautiful setting and its reputation for progressive drug treatment styles.

Santa Monica drug rehab facilities are known for their progressive treatment methods
Southern California has long been the home to trailblazing facilities dedicated to helping individuals overcome addiction to gambling, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, alcohol and other potentially dangerous substances. Drug rehab programs in the area, like the one found at Moonview Sanctuary, have placed a greater emphasis on holistic healing methods than other major metropolitan areas in the rest of the area.

Moonview Sanctuary, however, does not focus solely of the Eastern traditions at the core of holistic care, but also incorporates elements of modern neuroscience into their rehab methodology. This combination of traditional and modern methods, allows Moonview to provide a more well-rounded approach to rehab – one that treats every aspect of the individual, and gives them the ability to not only defeat drug addiction, but also improve their overall well-being.

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