5 things that make Santa Monica drug rehab the right choice

Every year, people arrive from all over the country to visit Santa Monica, California. And while most of them come for the sun and the surf, there’s a group of individuals who arrive every year to take part in something more serious: attending drug rehab to help overcome their addiction.

From all over the Los Angeles area and all around the world, they come to Santa Monica to enter drug treatment. Why choose a Santa Monica drug rehab program? What brings people from all points on the map to this sea-side town of artisans and the ultra-wealthy?

Below are five good reasons why the city is the destination of choice for so many who wish to break free from the chains of drug addiction.

5 reasons why Santa Monica is the ideal place for drug rehab

  • The weather – Simply put, there’s not a climate better in the United States. In fact, Santa Monica enjoys weather that can usually only be found in tropical paradises thousands of miles from California. The sunshine and cool ocean breezes reinvigorate the sprit, providing a better state of mind with which to go through drug addiction treatment.
  • The ocean – Santa Monica borders the Pacific Ocean, which provides spectacular views, soothing areas to walk, and just a general positive energy. Seeing the ocean every day helps many people put their life in proper perspective, which is a helpful attitude for those who will bearing a good part of their soul in drug rehab.
  • The people – Santa Monica is made up of an eclectic mixture of people. Individuals of all races, religions and socio-economic status live side-by-side in Santa Monica. This gives the city a humanistic quality that is hard to find elsewhere and raises the level of awareness within the community about drug abuse, addiction and treatment.
  • The progressive attitude – Santa Monica has always been seen as a progressive community – and that ideology has impacted the types of drug rehab programs that have found their way to the area. There has always been a trailblazing spirit among the drug treatment programs in Southern California, and Santa Monica is no different. There is a willingness there to try powerful alternative styles of treatment such as Holistic care. Perhaps it is this ability to “think outside the box” that has led the area to enjoy such a high success rate for individuals who seek addiction treatment there.
  • It’s the home of Moonview Sanctuary- The final reason why Santa Monica is such an excellent choice for drug rehab is because it is the home of Moonview Sanctuary – one of the most progressive and successful outpatient treatment programs in the country. Through a unique integration of both neuroscience and Holistic practice, Moonview is able to provide those individuals who are addicted to drugs with complete care for the mind, body and spirit.

The Addiction Treatment program at Moonview Sanctuary can help individuals addicted to cocaine, prescription painkillers, heroin or other drugs achieve total physical and spiritual wellness. Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.




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