Choosing the right outpatient drug treatment center

Outpatient drug treatment center allows individuals to focus on their addiction recovery during the day, then return home to their family and support structure in the evening.  Ideal for individuals who are unwilling or unable to attend residential drug rehab, outpatient treatment is an excellent choice for those who are committed to breaking the cycle of addiction.

Consider some of the different types of drug treatment centers available in Santa Monica and throughout the rest of the country:

Different types of outpatient drug treatment centers

Outpatient Drug Treatment

These are facilities dedicated to helping those who are struggling with addiction to cocaine, heroin, crack cocaine, marijuana, gambling, Vicodin, crystal meth or other harmful drugs.  Once drug detox is complete, the remainder of the outpatient drug treatment program focuses on rehab through counseling and other activities that focus on the mind and spirit of the recovering addict.

Outpatient Alcohol Treatment

Similar to drug treatment, outpatient alcohol rehab provides an opportunity to overcome the physical addiction to alcohol (through alcohol detox) as well as the psychological component of the disease (through individual and group counseling).  During alcohol rehab counseling, the root causes of the individual’s alcoholism will be discussed, and strategies for better decision-making and avoiding temptation will be put into play.

Outpatient dual diagnosis treatment

Many individuals suffer from both mental illness and drug addiction at the same time.  These co-occurring disorders are commonly referred to as a dual diagnosis.  Treatment centers that focus on dual diagnosis patients are staffed not only with addiction recovery specialists, but psychiatrists and other mental health professionals who are equipped to deal with bipolar disorder, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and other mental illnesses that commonly occur in those with a dual diagnosis.

Outpatient teen drug treatment

Teenagers are at a high risk for drug addiction.  Because their brains and their bodies are not yet fully formed, they shift from substance abuse to addiction must faster than adults.  Teens also deal with different social and psychological issues surrounding their addiction.  Outpatient teen drug treatment utilizes specialists in treating young people with drug addictions, and also allows the individual to return home in the evening to be close to their family.

Women’s outpatient drug treatment

Women become addicted to drugs for different reasons than men.  They are also more likely to be involved in a co-dependent situation with their spouse or significant other.  Therefore, caring for these women requires professionals who understand their needs.  Women’s outpatient drug treatment provides top notch counseling and care during the day, with the freedom to leave the program in the evening to care for children or other family members.  This last point is particularly important given that many women do NOT seek treatment for their drug addiction because they fear that doing so will keep them from being able to care for their kids.

Moonview Sanctuary is truly a unique outpatient drug rehab facility.  Located in Santa Monica, California, Moonview uses traditional holistic practices and proven-successful modern neurological procedures to treat every aspect of the addicted individual.  Working with individuals who are addicted to cocaine, painkillers, marijuana and a number of other drugs, Moonview changes lives every day.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary for more information about their world-renowned Addiction Treatment program.




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