The Advantages of Outpatient Drug Rehab

While residential drug treatment programs capture most of the public’s attention, outpatient rehab helps thousands of people with their recovery every day from addictions to cocaine, heroin, prescription medication, marijuana alcohol and other harmful substances. Outpatient drug rehab refers to those programs where the individual does not stay at the facility overnight, and attends meetings, counseling and other programs throughout the course of the day.

Knowing if an outpatient drug treatment center is the right course of action requires good information. What follows are some of the advantages of outpatient drug rehab, as well as some of the issues inherent to residential treatment programs that may keep individuals from selecting them for their recovery.

Advantages of outpatient drug rehab:

The ability to stay in work or school
If the severity of an individual’s drug addiction allows him or her to function safely in their work or school environment, an outpatient facility is the best way to get help while maintaining as much of a normal life as possible during the process. Some substance abuse problems make it impossible to do so, but if the individual’s situation is appropriate, outpatient care provides options that a residential program does not.

While there are some high-end outpatient facilities, by and large, they cost less than their residential treatment counterparts. This is NOT due to the level of care, but rather the simple fact that there are less overhead costs associated with running an outpatient drug rehab program. Many outpatient programs are covered by major insurance carriers, which can offset the cost (although it is HIGHLY recommended that the individual check with their insurance provider before choosing a treatment center).

Less social stigma
Visiting a residential addiction treatment center means a prolonged absence from work or school. This will likely require some explanation to employers, co-workers, teachers or friends. Many individuals will feel uncomfortable about sharing this information with other people. For them, a residential program carries with in a kind of social stigma. Confidential outpatient drug rehab, while still requiring the individual to make changes within their daily life, offer a chance for some degree of privacy as the individual moves towards recovery.

Be closer to your support structure
While the home environment provides an opportunity for relapse to many, just as many individuals also need the support of friends and family during the drug rehab process. For these individuals, outpatient care provides a way to go through all the necessary counseling sessions and treatment programs during the day, but then return to supportive, caring arms of their family in the evening.

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