The Facts about Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

Alcoholism affects millions individuals every year. As addictive and destructive as any narcotic, alcohol weaves its way into the fiber of an individual’s life, until relationships, finances and careers have all unraveled. Luckily, for those who come to grips with the fact that they have a drinking problem, there is outpatient alcohol rehab.

Outpatient alcohol rehab is a program designed to help people get sober, and learn the skills and behaviors needed to stay that way. What sets outpatient programs apart is the ability it gives the alcoholic to attend treatment during the day, and return home in the evening. This allows the individual to maintain some of the structure of their daily lives, while still receiving the help they need.

To better understand who should take part in outpatient alcohol rehab, consider the following information:

Who should take part in outpatient alcohol rehab?
Outpatient alcohol rehab is a chance for those individuals whose drinking has put their relationships, their health and the lives at stake. It is ideal for teens with a drinking problem who desperately need the support structure at home in addition to alcohol counseling. Outpatient alcohol treatment programs also help those who can’t afford to leave work entirely to receive treatment, or must help raise children or care for elderly relatives.

Who should NOT enroll in an outpatient alcohol rehab program?
While many alcoholics can receive outstanding treatment in an outpatient facility, there are many who would be better served in a residential program. These individuals include those whose conditions are serious enough to require constant medical supervision, or have reached a point where their drinking has made them a danger to themselves and others

What is the difference between outpatient and residential alcohol rehab?
As stated above, residential alcohol rehab programs require the individual to check into an alcohol treatment center for an extended period of time, and stay there around the clock as they receive treatment. While many of the core programs are the same at both outpatient and residential facilities, there is a communal element to residential programs that build camaraderie among patients – all of whom presumably share similar experiences with alcoholism or drug addiction.

How much does outpatient alcohol rehab cost?
The cost of alcohol rehab programs differ from facility to facility. Some are less expensive, and offer a less comprehensive treatment program, while other offer executive alcohol rehab and cost more. Some outpatient programs are even covered by employee insurance plans, giving the individual one less thing to worry about as the attempt to overcome alcohol addiction.

Moonview Sanctuary offers luxury outpatient alcohol rehab for those individuals who are serious about changing their lives for the better, and would like to enhance the spiritual well-being in the process. Through a unique combination of neuro-scientific techniques for treatment of addiction, and traditional Eastern methods for achieving wellness, Moonview helps individuals defeat alcohol addiction, and prepares them to live a positive, fulfilling life with purpose, and without alcohol. Contact Moonview today for more information.




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