Luxury drug rehab centers in California

California continues to be at the forefront of developing new and innovative alcohol and drug rehab treatment styles and methodologies.  The state is also home to more luxury drug rehab centers than anywhere else in the country.    Located throughout the state, but with a heavy concentration in the Los Angeles area, luxury alcohol and drug treatment centers make headlines because of their celebrity clientele, but also continue to serve thousands of “regular folks” every year –helping them turn their lives around and break the cycle of addiction.

What are luxury drug rehabcenters in California all about?

Luxury drug rehab centers offer the same core drug treatment programs found at most rehab centers, including:  individual counseling, group counseling, detox and after-care.  The difference with luxury rehab centers is the level of “extra care” that a patient is likely to experience when going through the rehab process.

For example, California luxury drug rehab centers may have French chefs on their payroll, instead of a standard food service staff.  While other programs may offer exercise and health classes during rehab, a luxury facility has day spa treatments and personal trainers on site to help their patients.

Who gets treatment at California Luxury Drug Rehab?

The expert staff members found at California luxury drug rehab centers are trained to help those with a cocaine addiction, heroin addiction, marijuana addiction, prescription painkiller addiction or other substance abuse issues overcome their dependence on drugs and achieve sobriety.  Drug rehab is designed to help those individuals who are motivated to enact real change in their lives.  No matter what “bells and whistles” the facility might feature, this goal represents the core of everything they do.

How much does California luxury drug rehab cost?

Although the cost of treatment varies from facility to facility, the price of admission at California luxury drug treatment centers can run high.  In fact, some facilities may charge as much as several thousand dollars a week or more for treatment.  The good news is that many outpatient drug rehab facilities offer some of the same top-notch services at luxury residential drug rehab facilities, but at a reduced price (thanks to a lower overhead).  Also, more and more insurance plans and conscientious employers are paying for even the most exclusive drug rehab programs.

Where are the California luxury drug rehab centers?

High-end, exclusive drug rehab facilities can be found throughout California, but the majority of them are within a short trip of Los Angeles with others near San Francisco, San Diego, Palm Sacramento and other busy areas.  In order to provide their clients with the highest levels of privacy, many of these facilities can be found in bucolic remote parts of California, such as Malibu or Palm Desert.

Moonview Sanctuary is located in Santa Monica, California and offers some of the most innovative, proven- successful alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs in the country.  At Moonview, patients are treated with a unique combination of modern neuro-medical techniques and traditional Eastern practices such as meditation, yoga and other activities to greatly enrich the spirit.  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information about their Addiction Treatment programs.




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