Los Angeles Residential Drug Rehab

When an individual hits “rock bottom” in terms of their drug addiction, they need professional help to pull them up and get their life back on track.  Los Angeles residential drug rehab programs provide the citizens of this large metropolis with just that – and more.   Residential drug rehab programs can be found in some of the most spectacular locations around L.A. and give recovering addicts a place to heal – away from the distractions of their home environment.

What goes on During Los Angeles Residential Drug Rehab?

Almost every drug rehab program in Los Angeles is comprised of three core elements: detox, counseling (or drug addiction psychotherapy) and aftercare.  Detox addresses the physical component of addiction, while counseling and aftercare help the individual overcome the psychological aspects of drug addiction treatment.  In addition to these core elements, many L.A-based programs incorporate neurological or holistic drug rehab processes as part of the treatment plan.

The Advantages of Residential Drug Rehab

There are a number of advantages to residential drug rehab facilities for those who are able to put a portion of their lives on hold and enter into treatment for an extended period of time.  These advantages include:

  • Removal from a negative environment.  Sometimes, an individual’s environment is the cause of their drug addiction.  Friends who use drugs, or life-stressors both contribute to drug use – and the residential addiction treatment center blocks these factors out at the door. 
  • A place to focus.  One of the universal benefits of residential drug rehab is that it provides a place for individuals to focus solely on their recovery.  With the “noise” of the world shut out at the gates of the program, the individual is given a better chance to achieve recovery.  The stressors and temptations of the environment are left behind so that the individual can develop a new world view regarding their behavior.
  • Support.  When an individual lives side-by-side with other recovering addicts, an organic support network is formed.  During group counseling sessions – or simply living and eating together – these individuals find that leaning on one another, and sharing their experiences leads to breakthroughs in terms of recovery.
  • Much-needed structure.  Drug addiction has a way of breaking down the order in the life of an addict.  By providing detailed scheduling from morning until night, the residential drug treatment program helps the individual regain the structure in their lives that will be so crucial when they return to the outside world.


Where can Los Angeles Residential Drug Rehab be Found?


Los Angeles is home to some of the finest luxury residential drug rehab programs in the world.  The year-round tropical climate and the multitude of scenic locales have made it an ideal place for treatment.  Malibu, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and even the Hollywood Hills are all home to residential drug treatment programs that cater to every need of the individual.  From top amenities to nutritional counseling, Los Angeles rehab centers provide more than just detox and counseling – that give the individual a place to uplift their mind, body and spirit.


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