Los Angeles Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription drugs have become the scourge of addiction treatment centers around the world.  And no place has this problem been more evident than in Los Angeles, California.  With increased access via the Internet – and the seemingly widespread use by the entertainment community – prescription drug addiction would appear to be a problem that isn’t going away any time soon.

What are the Most Common Prescription Drug Addictions in Los Angeles?

Southern California residents take a variety of different prescription medications.  Only a small percentage of these individuals become addicted, but those who do tend to gravitate towards certain drugs.  The most common prescription drug problems in Los Angeles are:

What Happens During Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment?

There are three primary goals to any prescription drug addiction treatment program:  treat the physical component of addiction, address the psychological component of addiction and help the individual integrate back into the real world without the use of drugs.

  • Treating the physical addiction to prescription drugs.  In order to help people overcome their physical dependence on drugs, detox is required.  Drug detox is the process of allowing harmful toxins associated with the substance to leave the body.  During this period the individual may experience strong withdrawal symptoms, but once the process is complete he or she will be in a stronger state and able to enter counseling will less fear of relapse.  NOTE:  in the case of opiate-based prescription painkillers – such as Vicodin addiction or OxyContin addiction, this process can be more difficult.
  • Treating the psychological addiction to prescription drugs.  Once detox is complete, the individual is ready to enter into counseling.  There are a number of ways that counselors and addiction treatment professionals prepare an individual for counseling.  They may engage them in questions regarding their past, or might used advanced neuroscientific techniques such as brain mapping to help ascertain the roots of the addiction.  Whatever the treatment style, the goal of counseling is the same:  to get individuals to change their behaviors and make better decisions regarding drugs.
  • Preparing the individual for post-rehab life.  The final component in drug addiction treatment is preparing the individual to return home and begin a new life.  This is accomplished through aftercare programs and holistic drug treatment programs that strengthen an individual’s resolve and give them new, enriching skills to take with them in their journey.

Where are all the Los Angeles Prescription Drug Addiction Programs?

Individuals who live in the Los Angeles area are fortunate enough to have some of the finest addiction treatment facilities in the world on their doorstep.   And because of the high rate of prescription drug addiction in Hollywood and other LA-areas, there are many drug rehab facilities that specialize in the condition.  Look for outpatient care in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and other high-end communities.  Residential treatment may also be found in Malibu, the Hollywood Hills and other bucolic settings that offer individuals isolation while still maintaining a proximity to home.

The Addiction Treatment programs at Moonview Sanctuary have been called among the finest, and most unique in the country.  Located in Santa Monica, California, Moonview treats patients with a unique combination of modern neurological techniques and traditional holistic care.  The result is a drug-free individual who has been made stronger from the inside-out!  Contact Moonview Sanctuary today for more information.




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